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The Most Magical Place on Earth
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The Most Magical Place on Earth

Somehow, it’s April 9th and I have yet to recap my super fun day on February 25th at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom which truly is the most magical place on earth. I know they say that Disney World itself is, but to me, Magic Kingdom is where it’s at. Magic Kingdom is where you have no shame riding all the rides that 4 year olds go on, you buy ice cream just because you can and you wave at all the characters in the parade while taking pictures. It’s fun to be a kid for the day. Enjoy life. You only have one to live.
Since this was our last day of our Disney vacation {check out day 1, day 2 and day 3}, we were up and at ’em as early as possible to get packed, get breakfast and get to the park when it opened. We succeeded and we were even able to watch the awesome little show the put on before they open the gates!
Naturally, our first stop was right in front of Cinderella’s Castle for a group pic!

After the mandatory Castle pic, we headed straight for Tomorrowland to jump on Space Mountain before there was a long line! That was an excellent decision because we were in and out of there in minutes! Next up on our list was Buzz Lightyear. Who doesn’t want to shoot laser guns at moving objects while spinning around? Seriously though, I have a weird obsession with this ride. I also enjoy making super awesome faces when I know the camera is about to flash. See below.


I was clearly ready for the picture and it looks like I am clearly dominating Zurg!
After Buzz, we found Stitch and of course once again, a picture was mandatory 🙂
Alison – Stitch – Me – Julie – Anne & Charlie were taking a potty break!

Once we were all reunited, we rode Buzz Lightyear again. Yes, again. There was no line!


Funny story, before Charlie was born, we referred to him as Carlos. So when it was my turn to wear Charlie I just had to have this picture. So cute!

Next up was Dumbo! He was under construction last year so we didn’t get to ride him. I must say that I love the Dumbo ride and it’s as awesome as I remember from when I was little!



Then we walked around the new part of Fantasyland where Belle & Ariel’s Castles are now! It was so fun seeing a brand new part of Disney! Next year, we’re making reservations to eat at Belle’s Castle. We thought about dropping into Gaston’s Tavern, but the food choices were interesting and less than appealing to us at that given point in time 🙂 So we opted for a picture instead! While over here we grabbed some fast passes to Ariel’s new ride…SO WORTH IT!

We finally decided to take a stop inside Geppetto’s Workshop for lunch! They had lots of tasty options and I was impressed!


I had the Caprese Flatbread. Hello yum!

Next up was It’s A Small World. A must ride at Magic Kingdom. I don’t think I could go to MK without riding it! Nostalgia at its finest.


Then it was finally time for Ariel’s ride! AHHHH…it was so good. It told the whole story and just made my heart so happy. We were totally singing along and jammin’ to every song.


Here’s when the pictures stopped. We went on The Haunted Mansion and then wandered over towards Frontierland then I’m not exactly sure what comes next. At some point we kind of split up so Julie could get some ice cream and Andrea could take a pit stop with Charlie. Then we all came together and watched the parade!


I took several pics of the parade, but won’t bore you with all of them 🙂 It was the perfect timing as our time at Disney was winding down. After seeing all of our favorite characters, we stopped in the sweet shop and saw anything and everything delicious with mouse ears.


I ended up going with a frozen chocolate covered banana. It was divine and a great way to cap off our day at Magic Kingdom  🙂 Then we hopped on the shuttle back to our resort just to get on a bus to take us to the airport.

It was an amazing trip. Rarely can you have 4 women and a baby in a small space, being completely exhausted each day actually get along and enjoy themselves. Once again, we did it! As always, I can’t wait until next year’s Disney Trip.

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