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Disney Day 2: Universal Studios

Disney Day 2: Universal Studios

Let’s go ahead and rewind time a little shall we? I’m going to step on into my time machine and set it to Saturday, February 23rd, aka Day 2 of our Disney Trip! Day 2 of our trip was actually spent at Universal Studios! We were all really looking forward to this day because of Harry Potter World…duh. As you’ll see in the crazy amounts of pictures below, that’s kind of where we spent most of our time 🙂

First stop was the Hogwarts Express! I mean, how were we going to get to Hogwarts without it? It’s not like we had a flying car or anything. Luckily we got to the park right when it opened and made a bee line straight for Harry Potter World. An excellent idea indeed.

After a few photos, it was time to head to Hogwarts to explore the castle, meet Dumbledore and then go on an adventure with Harry, Ron and Hermione.

This ride is amazing. It is incredibly detailed and you really feel like you’re there. For any Harry Potter nerd, this is really a dream come true. Did you know that it cost a billion dollars…yes billion with a B…to make this ride? Worth every penny.

Since we had little Charlie, we did the rider swap. Alison and I went first, followed by Andrea and Julie. Well we may have been a little mischievous because Alison, Andrea and I decided to do it just one more time while Julie hung out with Chuck.

Too bad the ride malfunctioned and we got stuck! Karma at it’s finest.

Of course I had my camera on the ride. We were stuck for about 20 minutes and ended up getting a free fast pass for any ride we wanted that day. For the win!

Then we decided to visit Olivander’s and some other shops around Hogsmead. As you can see here, I’m just testing out my Firebolt. I’ll be trying out for the Gryffindor Quiddich team next year 🙂

Shopping makes us hungry, so we popped into The Three Broomsticks for lunch. The food is seriously good. You truly forget you’re at an amusement park! I had roasted chicken, corn and potatoes!

Before we moved onto Jurassic Park, we had to stop at Honeyduke’s for some sweets and Zonko’s Joke Shop! Alison and I got some fudge! Hello yum 🙂

Next up on our to do list was Jurassic Park! I love dinosaurs. Velociraptors are by far my favorite. I think they’re misunderstood.

Again we took turns watching the little guy, so Julie and I went on the awesome Jurassic Park ride together! Love her to pieces. While in Jurassic Park we also got to explore the science labs, watch a baby raptor hatch and learn about the awesomeness of dinosaurs!

Then we made our way through Comic Book Land into Super Hero Land specifically ride The Hulk roller coaster. It’s a blast and totally worth it. The wait was about an hour, but since we got our free fast pass from Harry Potter it took us 15 minutes! It really was our lucky day.

By then we were all feeling kind of pooped, but still had some time to kill before our bus came to pick us up. We wandered over to Dr. Seuss Land, took a ride on the Caro-Seussal, read some books in the A/C, ate some ice cream and of course, took pictures!

It was a jam packed day to say the least. Luckily we started early, so we made it home by 5:00pm where we ventured back to the expo before the Zooma party and dinner. More on that tomorrow when I recap the expo and race! Hopefully I can fit both of those into the same post. No guarantees though 🙂

Oh and in case you missed Day 1…go ahead…take a peek!

I hope y’all have a wonderful Monday my lovelies!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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