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No Weights 100’s Workout

No Weights 100’s Workout

Happy hump day my lovelies! We’ve made it to the middle of the week, but let’s be honest. It’s totally my Thursday. Oh and not to brag or rub it in, but I may have the most awesome boss in the world who told me this morning to work from home tomorrow. Hello awesome.

So I have something non-Disney to share with y’all today. An awesome workout that requires nothing, but you. I would recommend clothes as well. Especially if you’re doing this outside 🙂


I originally introduced a 100’s workout a long while back and I haven’t been posting many workouts lately. I blame it on the fact that I’ve been running incessantly. I recently decided that I needed to come up with more circuit workouts and incorporate them into my fitness routine each week. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing all the good ones with y’all! And trust me, what you see above is a good one!

I did this workout on Monday right after work. By Tuesday afternoon my booty was WAY sore. Today, my booty, quads and inner thighs are screaming mercy. Perfect.

Not sure about what each of these moves are? Take a look at this post. It includes another workout with lots of pictures of yours truly doing several of these moves. Still not sure what to do? Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail and I’ll describe it in a little more detail!

Want to add a bit more cardio for added challenge? After every other exercise, I did a 200 meter sprint followed by a 200 meter jog {roughly 0.25 miles}. It got my heart rate up and speed work also improves my running!

Let me know if you try out this workout! I hope y’all love it 🙂 It’s totally a no excuses workout. It takes less than 20 minutes and requires nothing but you and a little space. Good luck and I hope your booty is as sore as mine 🙂

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With love and God bless,

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