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Disney Bound

Disney Bound

It’s officially Disney Day! To say that I was too excited to sleep would be correct. Once the hubs alarm went off at 4:45am I didn’t really sleep much for the next two hours! Oh well, it’s Disney Day!

Two years ago, I decided I needed to do this race. So I signed up hoping that someone would be able to do it with me. That didn’t exactly work out, but I was able to go with my momma and her sister and best friends! {My momma is from Florida so it was great for us to see them!}

It ended up being a wonderful trip full of sunshine, food, good company and fun times!

I even did pretty well in the race finishing in 2:04 with stopping for multiple pictures. Definitely a good decision. My amazing support crew was waiting for me at the finish line. Oh and did I mention that I lived across the country from my momma for the first time EVER so it was the perfect chance for us to have mommy/daughter time. She’s amazing.

After one race, this princess was hooked. So naturally I rounded up the troops, got them to sign up and started our annual girls weekend! The second time around, I had also planned for my momma to join us! However, my sister’s schedule worked out so that she could go! Mom gave up her spot and Em joined us!!!

This time around was perfect. Andrea, Julie and I ran {The race was sold out by the time Emily knew she could join!} together for the first 6 miles. Then I ran with my girl Julie to push her to the finish line! It was fun running together and we got some awesome pictures mid-race. Check them out here!

This time around we actually went to the parks! We spent a day at Magic Kingdom, sporting our tutus of course, and another day at Universal Studios.

But that wasn’t enough. We knew we needed another day. So here we are. Year 3. Four days of Disney. Four grown women. Just looking to have an amazing time. I can’t believe it’s finally here!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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