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A little LOVE

Chloe Grace

A little LOVE

Remember last week when I was on the hunt to find the perfect Valentine’s Day craft for me and little Chloe to do together? I think I posted about 8 different options and which one did I go with? None of them! When I got to the craft store, I completely lost all sense and just started picking up odds and ends. If I thought looked fun or pretty, I picked it up. Oh this has sparkles in it? We need that. I want to play with these dobbers. We should get them. I’m telling you, I lost all sense. It was kind of like a Target blackout. When you go in looking for 2 things and come out with 10 totally different things you don’t even need. That’s what I did at the craft store.

On the plus side, I ended up with some items that I could use for some sort of Valentine’s craft. Plus the paint and dobbers could be reused for future projects! Luckily, the day I posted my craft ideas, a friend of mine sent me a few other ideas she had found. Once I got home and looked at the randomness of my haul, I realized that one of her options would work. That my friends is what I’m sharing with you today!

Here’s what you need:

A toddler (pictured below)
Washable finger paints
Painters’ tape
Canvas of choice – I used a wooden heart (one of my craft store grabs) and poster board
Optional: Paint dobbers to embellish


  1. Tear off pieces of Painters’ tape and lay out on canvas to spell out LOVE. The letters can be as big or small as you want. You’ll notice on our finished product that each canvas has a different size LOVE.
  2. Prepare a space that you don’t mind getting messy and paint all over it.
  3. Take your toddler’s clothes off. You’ll thank me for this one.
  4. Pour out paint one color at a time. 
  5. Dip toddler’s hand into paint, rub them together and let them smear it all over the canvas. 
  6. Repeat step 5 with different colors until the canvas has your toddler’s beautiful paint smears all over!
  7. If you have paint dobbers, let your toddler dob and smash them all over the canvas. Feel free to help them a little bit.
  8. Let dry and remove Painters’ tape. Congrats! You survived art time with your toddler!

The best part about this craft is that you may have most, if not all of the supplies at home. You can also change it up with the Painters’ tape. Try writing Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, etc. I have a feeling that Chloe and I will be trying this one again. She had a blast playing with the paints and wiping her hands on her belly.

If you need a Valentine’s gift for someone who loves your little one a whole lot, you can share a little LOVE with them! It’s easy and there is still time before Valentine’s Day gets here next Tuesday!

What are y’all getting your S.O.’s for Valentine’s Day this year? Chloe may have her gifts ready, but I still don’t!

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