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Colorful Heart Garland for DIY Valentine’s Photos
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Colorful Heart Garland for DIY Valentine’s Photos

When I busted out the construction paper, this DIY heart garland wasn’t exactly what I had planned, but I love the outcome!

My little guy wasn’t feeling too hot but needed something to keep him busy. This simple DIY heart garland was a fun Valentine’s craft that we could do together! I didn’t know how he would do with the scissors since it’s not something he’s done very often. (Second child problems.) But with a little guidance, he really got the hang of it!

Once we finished our creations, I was trying to figure out exactly what to do with them. Should we hang them on the mantle? Decorate our play kitchen? Then it hit me, these would be the perfect backdrop for a little Valentine’s “photo booth” at home!

Now let’s take a look at how we made our heart garland and turned it into a Valentine’s backdrop!

Create this super simple Valentine's photo backdrop by letting your kids help you make some DIY heart garland! It's a super simple Valentine's craft for kids and toddlers plus it's fun for everyone!

DIY Heart Garland

As you can imagine, creating this garland is super simple! You just need a few supplies that you most likely have on hand especially if you have little ones at home.

Here’s what you need:

Construction paper and supplies needed for DIY heart garland
  • Construction paper (or any paper of choice)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick, liquid glue or stapler
  • A creative, patient moment

Here’s what you do:

  1. Cut your construction paper into 4’s.
  2. Fold paper in half and draw half of a heart on all the pieces.

3. Let your little one cut out the hearts. If they aren’t used to working with scissors, you may need to help them! (My son is still new to scissors, so I’m teaching him to hold them correctly. He’s doing all the cutting and I’m simply guiding him.)

4. Glue the hearts together. You can do this many ways, but to achieve the same look as our garland, glue the edges of the hearts together.

Toddler gluing together hearts for garland

5. Wait for the glue to dry then open up your DIY heart garland!

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I love this garland for several reasons:

  • It’s super simple.
  • I love a project that the kids and I can do together.
  • You can customize the colors!
  • Garland is always a good idea.
  • To make a more sophisticated garland, you can use scrapbook paper for added flair.
  • You can layer your DIY Valentine’s garland with others for a stylish effect that displays your kids work!
Toddler with his DIY heart garland!

If you’re a garland lover like me, check out these other super cute options you can snag for $10 or less!

Valentine’s Photo Backdrop

Turning this DIY heart garland into a Valentine’s Day photo backdrop is super simple and you can easily add your own flair to it!

First, you need a blank wall with decent lighting.

Next, hang your heart garland! We chose to do ours in two layers. Since the edges are glued together, you can hang one with the edges out and another with the edges in to give it a different look. (See below)

On the bottom layer, I pulled the hearts apart a little bit and reinforced them with staples to make them open up a little wider. Take some time to play around with them a little bit so you can get them just right!

Last I added these 16″ LOVE balloons because who doesn’t love balloons? (You can get these balloons in silver, gold, rainbow, black, and rose gold! It’s the entire alphabet plus happy birthday, so you can use them for tons of different occasions!)

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Here’s the final product:

Heart Garland Valentine's Photo Booth

DIY Heart Garland and Photo Booth Wrap Up

Overall it was a fun little project. We loved making the garland together, then taking photos had us all giggling as the baby didn’t really care to cooperate and kept wiggling around and running away!

I definitely recommend giving this a try with your little ones even if you don’t use it as a photo booth backdrop. It would look super cute in a playroom, on the mantle or even decorating a play kitchen or playhouse!

If you decided to do it, be sure to share and tag me on Instagram or Facebook! And follow along for more fun and adventures as an active mom of 3.

Before you go…

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Would you do this with your little ones? What color combination would you choose?

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  1. Kirsten says:

    Such a simple and darling idea! I love capturing photos of my daughter for every holiday and this would be perfect.

    1. Same! It’s so fun to look back each year at how they’ve grown each holiday!

  2. Cameron says:

    What a fun and easy idea for the kids! This would also be great for teachers to do!

    1. That’s so true! It’s simple enough for a teacher to do this in their classroom. I love that idea!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the photo booth idea! How fun for kiddos and to keepsake fun memories!

    1. We had so much fun and I loved being able to capture posed and candid photos of my littles.

  4. Kimberly G says:

    These came out so cute and I like that it is toddler friendly activity.

    1. Thank you! I am all for a toddler-friendly activity with my 3 little ones. Better yet, my 1st grader also loved making this craft.

  5. This turned out so cute!

    1. Thank you! It was simple and a lot of fun!

  6. Such a colorful photo backdrop and so easy to make..definitely trying this

    1. The colors give the photos such a pop! Plus you can do it in any colors you want!

      1. I love how easy this is for a photoshoot and so super cute! I definitely want to try with my toddler.

        1. I was surprised how well my little guy did with the scissors since we don’t use them as often as we probably should! He loved it!

  7. I love this! Especially with the added balloons, such a perfect touch!

  8. I love making garlands. This is so great as a family craft.

    1. It is! I’m all for finding functional crafts that the kids and I all enjoy creating!

  9. This colorful garland turned out so cute and made a perfect backdrop for your boys and those cute shirts!!! Love this idea.

    1. Thank you! I love when I can actually find cute shirts for boys!

  10. Super cute! I love the outcome! I like the layering idea.

    1. The more the merrier right?!

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