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Meet and Greets Around the World
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Meet and Greets Around the World

Meet and greets with your favorite characters while walking around the world. Sounds amazing right? Where can you do this you ask? None other than Epcot at Walt Disney World! In the past, I’ve talked about how you can walk around the world and eat around the world, but today we’re talking about all of the amazing characters you can meet around the world. Stay tuned and I’ll even let you know just where you can find them and when are the best times to visit!

Take a look at where you can find your favorite characters to meet while walking around Epcot at Walt Disney World! #disneyvacation #disneycharacters #charactermeet

Mickey and Friends at their meet and greet spot in Future World.

You can find this walking towards The Land on the left. It’s inside, so you can escape the Florida heat while you wait! Here you can meet Mickey, Goofy and Minnie all at once. The wait usually isn’t too bad, but you can also get a FastPass to meet these guys. Since FastPasses at Epcot are tiered, this is a good lower tier option! It’s family friendly and always fun.


And I mean come on, you get to meet Minnie Mouse and totally fangirl over how much your two year old daughters love her! As you can see, that’s exactly what Ali and I were doing. When you’re away from your babies for a few days, you start to miss them and think about everything they love. When Minnie Mouse happens to be at the top of their list, you have to tell her!

And then she’ll give you extra awesome hugs!

Meet Joy and Sadness as well as Baymax.

Just across the walkway from the Mickey and Friends meet and greet, you can find more characters! Again these characters are inside which means waiting in the air conditioning. As you walk in, to the left you can meet Baymax and to the right you can wait to meet Joy and Sadness! These are two separate lines. Joy and Sadness are a two for one deal though.

They’re super fun. Joy has boundless energy and is fun to interact with while Sadness gives the best hugs. I think she just gets that everyone needs a really good hug some days. These two make for super fun picture poses!

Baymax is also great to meet! He’s just a big squishy marshmallow. We didn’t wait to meet him this year, but have in the past. Now let’s work our way around the world!

Characters in Mexico

First stop…Mexico! Here you can meet Donald the #1 Duck! He’s decked out in his Los Caballeros gear and looking fabulous.

Coming from Future World, you can find Donald just on the other side of the pyramid in a little cove. He comes and goes throughout the day, and his line is usually pretty short. Fun tip: Inside the pyramid there is a Three Caballeros boat ride! The wait is usually pretty short and is indoors.


Moving right along to Norway! If you want a one stop princess shop, let me recommend princess dining at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. It’s a little pricey, but you get a bang for your buck. You start with an appetizer buffet followed by your choice of main course which there are many options. Then your table also gets a little dessert trio where you can taste common desserts served in Scandinavia! All throughout your dining experience, you also get to meet princesses. They’re available for you to take pictures and sign any autographs for you.
As you walk in, a princess will be there to greet you along with a Photopass photographer!

That moment when you and Punzie are totally fangirling over each other. Punzie is my spirit princess with her vibrant personality, flighty brainspace, sense of adventure and love of life! She was totally obsessed with my shirt and ear that were inspired by none other than her!

The character that you meet as you enter the restaurant will not be making rounds during your dining experience, so make sure to get all the pictures, memories and signatures while you’re there. Take your time and enjoy it! You paid for this special time after all.

Here’s a look at some other princess that will come your way!


Snow White

Princess Aurora or Sleeping Beauty



You may notice for Belle that we’re back at the entrance where we met Rapunzel. Well sometimes the princess at the front switches out for another princess. If you notice that this happens and you want to meet her, just let your waiter know. They’ll inform someone up front and they’ll let you know when you can go up there. Usually they say to just go whenever! They’re super accommodating. You have to love Disney customer service!

And we had to meet Belle since she’s Ali’s spirit princess! Rachael’s is Aurora, so we all got to spend time with our favorites.

While you’re in Norway, take a peek in the troll shop! You too can get an awesome picture with this troll! And here’s the best part, there’s never a line. How do people not know about his magical gem?

Fun fact: There really are trolls like this in Norway. Don’t believe me? Check it out…on my 2014 trip to Norway, we visited Bergen for the first time and hiked up to the troll park. Yes, the trolls are eerily similar. You know you want to look! We also got a little troll statue while we were in Norway this past summer since we love Norway so much!
While in Norway, you can also meet Anna and Elsa! Since we met them at the end of our race earlier that day, we decided not to visit them this year. But do not fear, I have the cutest picture that I MUST share with y’all because I realized that it never made it to the blog.

Yep, that’s Chloe at 15 months! You can now meet Anna and Elsa at their summer house in Norway! A lot of the wait is indoors as you get to walk through their summer home. Be sure to pay attention to all of the amazing details as you walk through. Disney Imagineers did an amazing job this time.



As you continue your way around the world, next you’ll find China! In China you can meet Mulan at the Temple of Heaven. She comes and goes, so be sure to check the times she’s visiting on your Disney World app or ask a cast member.


In Germany, you can meet Snow White over by the the Wishing Well. This is a perfect place to meet her if you don’t do princess dining!
If you’re on a character hunt, walk on through Italy, America and Japan since there aren’t any characters there! However, I highly recommend making lunch or dinner reservations at Via Napoli. Simply amazing food and dining experience.


Once you pass through Japan, you find yourself in Morocco where you can meet Jasmine! She is at the Lamps of Wonder. I’ve never actually met Jasmine here since she does have specific times that she’s out for meet and greets. Make sure to check your map, app or a cast member for times! And while you’re in Morocco hit up Spice Road Table. If you aren’t hungry, grab some sangria. The sparkling sangria is my personal favorite!


While in France, you get a two for one deal! First you can meet provincial Belle in her spot along the water! I believe this is the only place you can meet Belle in her street clothes.


Also in France in the France Pavilion, you can meet Princess Aurora!

United Kingdom

Next up is the United Kingdom! Here you can meet the one and only Mary Poppins! Again, I haven’t met her here, but she is located in the United Kingdom Promenade.

Finally you can pass through Canada to the World Showcase Plaza. This is the start and finish of the World Showcase just in front of the water between Mexico and Canada. Here you can meet Pluto in the Friendship Ambassador Gazebo!

Meet and Greet Around the World!

Epcot is an amazing park to just walk around meet characters, ride a few of your favorite rides, eat a lot of food and drink some drinks! Each country has its own special flair. Be sure to check out the different performances in the World Showcase. Take your time and explore. I promise you’ll find something new each time you visit!

Have you visited Epcot recently?
What country is (or would be) your favorite? 

My favorites are Norway because of the Frozen ride, princess dining and Anna/Elsa and Morocco because of Spice Road Table and the amazing smells and spices!


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