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How to eat your way around the world in one day.

How to eat your way around the world in one day.

Here’s the deal. I’m going to teach you how to eat around the world in one day in 10 easy steps. If I can do it, you can do it too! Now read and learn…

Step 1: Wake up at 3:00am and run a half marathon around Disney world. This step is optional, but it does help you to be very hungry which aids in your attempts to eat around the world.

Step 2: Go to Epcot and take cute pictures with your besties.

Step 3: Go to San Fransokyo and visit with Baymax!

Step 4: Walk over to Germany for Bratwurst and sauerkraut. If you’re feeling crazy, get the apple strudel as well! I didn’t, but Ali and Philip did. I still wish I would have gotten it! If brats aren’t your thing, grab a pretzel. Yummmmm
Source (I forgot to take a picture of mine!)

Step 5: Stroll over to France for macaroons, cream brûlée and other pastries. Then take pictures with the Eiffel Tower in the background!

Step 6: Take a pit stop to meet Belle since you’re in France after all!

Step 7: When the rain comes in, dash over to Mexico. The Mayan ruins will provide coverage from the rain. While you’re there, have a drink in the Tequila Cave! You can also go on an adventure to find Donald and meet the #1 Duck while you’re at it.

Step 8: When the rain clears up, go to Morocco for dinner! The Spice Road Table is AMAZING and rarely crowded. I think the idea of Moroccan food scares people, but it doesn’t disappoint. We got one of each of the small plates and shared it among 4 adults!
Step 9: Because you always have room for dessert, grab a cronut in Canada. You won’t regret the cinnamon sugar deliciousness.

Step 10: Make you’re way back to the Epcot ball and bask in the awesomeness of Disney World because you just ate your way around the world!

There you have it! In one day, you ate at Epcot, Germany, France, Mexico, Morocco and Canada. While you were there, you walked through San Fransokyo, Norway, Africa, Italy and the UK. It’s a pretty busy and wild adventure, but you too, can eat your way around the world!

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