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Out with the Old…

Out with the Old…

And in with the new! What do you think? Notice anything new around here?

The oh so talented Erin at Love, Fun and Football helped me out and designed my beautiful new space. Every time I feel like my blog is kind of taking a sightly different direction, I like to have a fresh new design to go with it. The last major change happened in 2013 when I quit my desk job and started my career as a personal trainer. At that point, my blog took more of a health and fitness focus, but still overall a lifestyle blog. I still would put myself in the lifestyle category, but I really feel like I touch on so many different topics.


I have a toddler who I pretty much stay at home with all the time, so obviously I plan on continuing to blog about this baby along with her daddy and our families. Family is so very important to me. We’re close to both of our families and love spending time with them. I couldn’t imagine leaving them out of this space.


We love to travel. Travel is something that we decided early on in our relationship that was very important to us. We know that no matter what we wanted to continue to travel and explore the world. Most together, some separate. We also decided after we had Chloe that we didn’t want having kids to stop us from exploring. I know it will get harder as our family grows, but for now we’re still getting out there! And I plan to share all of our adventures!

Health & Fitness

Health and Fitness is still my passion. I love helping people. I love helping people to help themselves. I want to keep sharing workouts and health tips with y’all when I can get around to it! Being fit and healthy is so important to me. I want to live a long life. I want to be able to keep up with my kids. I want to be able to travel at an old age. I want to be the adorable old couple going on walks together in their 80s. I’m still working at my gym, but now only one day a week. I plan on keeping up with that because I love my students and my coworkers!

Running & Races

My love for running has not stopped! I took a year off racing to heal my body and prepare to jump back into the running game. Well I’m back! I’ve done 4 races this year and I’m already planning on others. If you haven’t checked out my recent recaps, take a look at my Disney Princess 5K and my Enchanted 10K & Rodeo 10K. If you’re feeling crazy, check back in tomorrow to see my Disney Princess half marathon recap! I can’t wait to share my experience and all the great pictures that were captured with y’all!


We bought a new house out in the suburbs at the end of December and moved in 2 days after Christmas. I’m enjoying making this house a home, and I also enjoy sharing it with y’all! As I get more done I plan to continue sharing pictures here!

So that’s kind of where I stand. I like to blog about a little bit of everything. My life is a little bit of everything after all! I want to share real life moments, not just the glitter and shine. I hope to be able to interact with my readers. I want to be friends with y’all! I plan to continue blogging and sharing because I love it. I hope y’all love it too!

Now out with the old, and in with the new A Balancing Act blog!

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