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Our man of the house is back! Once again, JP had to cross the Atlantic. This time he was gone for 11 days. 11 long days! While he was gone, it was just us girls at home. Not only was JP gone, but my mom went up to Denver with my dad for the first week, so I was really on my own.

Luckily this baby girl was so good for her momma! I’m also lucky to have the greatest Aunts that were able to help me out a little over the week, so I could go to work and visit my friend’s brand new twin baby girls. Other than that, it was me and Chlo against the world. Just us Gougler Girls taking each day as it came.

Oddly, even though this trip was longer, it went by so much faster! Chloe and I kept very busy. Playing with friends, walks with the dogs, birthday parties, gymnastics, movie nights, park days, so much to do! Our friends helped out a lot by coming over to hang out with us. Shout out to Meena for spending a bunch of evenings at my house so I wasn’t alone every night after Chlo went to bed!

This Tuesday we were finally able to see my mom! It had been a week and a half since we had seen her. I know it sounds silly, but we see her a lot, so that was a long time apart for us! Chloe missed her Nonna very much. Chloe even got to have a sleepover party with Nonna on Tuesday night so that I could get our house picked up before JP came home.

A little alone time was such a blessing! I didn’t have to worry about getting anyone else ready for bed. I was able to relax on the couch and just watch tv for an evening! The next morning I got so much done in the house. The upstairs needed some serious picking up and vacuuming. It’s hard to get that done since the only time I can really clean is when Chlo is napping. And I’m not about to vacuum near her bedroom while she sleeps. Don’t wake the beast!

Plus while my mom had Chloe, she got her all dolled up and took these adorable pictures in her rodeo gear. I’m obsessed with all this cuteness.

I’m so thankful for the special time that I’ve had with my baby girl, but we’re super happy and excited to have her daddy home. His next trip away isn’t until the end of May, so we know that we have at least 2 months with him home.

We’re looking forward to having him home today especially because today is CLOSING DAY! We’re closing on our old home. Closing a chapter in our lives and officially moving on. Today we mourn a wee little bit, but mostly, we celebrate!!!

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  1. It is perfectly alright to say no. But we live in a society where everybody expects a yes to everything and anything, which I think is not healthy. Thanks for this post!

    1. Yes exactly! It’s not healthy at all. We all have our boundaries and limitations. People need to realize it’s not out of rudeness, but sometimes necessity that we say no!

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