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A Master Retreat

A Master Retreat

Happy Home Hump Day! I hope everyone had the perfect Valentine’s Day whatever that may look like to you. V-Day in the Gougler home was pretty wonderful. Homemade paleo banana muffins, couch snuggles, play time, a family walk and pizza for dinner. Yup, pretty wonderful.

Today I wanted to share another part of my new home with y’all! {Did you miss part 1? Check it out!} I practically finished our master bedroom, so here it is…

Our Bedroom

I created the canvases above our bed with Canvas on Demand. I’ve ordered 6 canvases from them and haven’t been disappointed yet! The “You’re Still the One” barn wood sign is from Hobby Lobby.

I decided to decorate our room in shades of white, gold and black with our dark brown furniture. I wanted the decor to be simple, but pretty, and a space that felt peaceful and easy.

Before our master was kind of just a place to dump stuff. We had things all over the floor and stashed in corners. It wasn’t a place we ever really hung out or relaxed in. That is something I wanted to change when we moved into this home! I knew I needed a retreat, and I think I’ve almost created that.

The main things left that I want to add to this space are an oversized chair or chaise lounge over by the windows and a full length jewelry mirror by my dresser. The chair/lounge is low on our priority list, but I just ordered the mirror! I’m excited to see how it looks when it comes in.

Our Bathroom

 Here is what you see as you walk into our master bathroom! JP’s sink is to the left and mine is to the right. Straight ahead you get to our workout area and finally the master closet. 

My favorite part about the master bath is our separate sink areas. I’m a pretty organized person, but the one place I can’t seem to keep it together is the bathroom sink. There is just too much stuff! And I need it all. Below you can see the cleaned up version of my sink. JP is just so much cleaner and neater as far as bathroom sinks go, so I’m pretty sure he loves our separate spaces. I also love my big bath tub and HUGE shower!

These pictures aren’t exactly the best. The lighting was pretty rough when I took these, and instead of waiting another day to retake them, I said whatever. We can’t all be perfect. Here is a look at one of the professional photos of the bathroom from the listing so you can get a better feel for how pretty it is.

My Workout Space

In between the bathroom and master closet we have this neat little space that I have turned into our workout space. I have my mats, weights, kettle bell, BOSU, step, ball, foam rollers, everything! We also have our awesome medals and running photos on the walls. The left wall is all for runDisney! I’m ready to add 4 medals to that by the end of the month. The right wall has the rest of my race medals. Right now, JP’s medals are on my rack. My plan for the back wall is to get him his own medal rack and hang his running and shooting pictures around it! {For those of you who don’t know, he shot trap and skeet for A&M and the US National Team!} He doesn’t call himself a runner, but he’s run 8 half marathons in the past 6 years. Now I think he has earned his medal rack!

Our Closet

My closet is currently a mess. I still haven’t found a place for several little things here and there. Plus one the florescent lights went out and we’re working on getting that fixed! I opted out of taking pictures. Let me just tell you it is easily 3 time the size of our old closet and it’s amazing!

There you have it, our master retreat! It’s definitely coming together. I’m sure I’ll continue to tweak and add things here and there, but so far I love it.

If you missed the first “showing” of my new home, check it out here!

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