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My Baby Sister’s Wedding: Getting Ready

My Baby Sister’s Wedding: Getting Ready

On June 18, 2016 my baby sister married her best friend. It was the most perfect day and I can’t wait to share it with y’all! There are so many pictures and memories that I want to capture and share, so I’m going to split the day up into two parts. The actually getting ready part of the day and the wedding/reception itself! Get ready for lots of gorgeous pictures y’all!

It started pretty early for Emily and I. We both woke up around 7:00am despite having a 2:00am bedtime. She was a ball of nerves and I can’t seem to sleep past 7 anymore these days. We laid in bed and chatted until the rest of the girls gradually woke up! We were staying at the Sugar Land Towne Center Marriott in one of their amazing suites. It where my girls and I stayed for my wedding, so it was the perfect place to get ready all over again. As everyone gradually woke up, it was time to start the day! But first coffee…

The first part of the day was actually quite relaxing and chill. We got coffee, JP delivered Chickfila breakfast to us, Emily did a load of laundry, we explored the hotel, played games and relaxed. We also took a few pictures of us before the beauty crew came!


Around noon, the hair and make up team showed up and so did Emily’s friend Loryn to take pictures of us getting ready! Going forward, photos courtesy of Loryn Brant Photography! First up was Emily to get her hair curled and pinned. We learned from her bridal portrait session that she would need to let her hair set if it was going to hold all night. {Spoiler alert: It worked!}


I’m clearly telling a story, and I’m not capable of talking and being still. Ever. I love that Loryn caught this on camera!

Charlotte and I were a bit nervous about our speeches, so we spent a little bit of time reviewing our notes to make sure we remembered everything we wanted to say!

We had so much fun spending time together that day. We drank mimosas, goofed around, laughed hard, ate sandwiches and of course took lots of pictures!


Our hair and makeup was done my Bridal Makeup MD! They sent a team of 3 ladies to beautify the bridesmaids and moms plus the owner to do to Emily’s hair and make up herself! They were an awesome team and did a beautiful job on everyone!






When my mom came just before 5:00pm, Chloe came along with her! As always she had everyone in great spirits. How can you be sad with this sweet face!

Once the girls were all ready, we took a few quick pictures while Melanie was perfecting the bride!





Then it was time to get the flower girl ready! She was all attitude with me while I was fluffing her dress…


Then she saw the camera and had to ham it up. Oh girl!

The rest of us finished getting ready before we were promptly in the limo at 6:05pm and heading to the church to get Emily ready!


We arrived at the church at 6:15pm with 45 minutes to get settled and get Emily ready for the best day of her life!

Pictures going forward are courtesy of Emily’s wedding photographers: Meeker Pictures!



Chloe wanted to say hi to her cousin Camden the ring bearer! It looks like she’s playing the “got your nose!” game.

We had to steal a quick picture with our brothers before heading to the brides room!





Once the bride was ready, it was picture time!



Then Meena led us in prayer. She had all of us in tears it was so beautiful. I’m thankful that this moment was captured. I know it is something that none of us will forget.
Before we knew it, it was time for the wedding to begin! The girls left the room to get lined up. JP came and grabbed Chloe. And Emily and I were left in the Bride’s Room spending a few special moments together before my Daddy came to take my place.
It was the perfect start to an amazing day. Now you can read all about the ceremony and reception!

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