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My Baby Sister’s Wedding: Ceremony & Reception

My Baby Sister’s Wedding: Ceremony & Reception

In case y’all missed our getting ready photos, you can see them here!

After we were all set and ready, the wedding began! I had a few special moments with my sister while my daddy walked my momma down the aisle. It was fun for us just to have some time together to be excited and giddy. I’m so lucky to have a sister that is truly my best friend. Daddy came and took my place with Emma and it was time for me to take my walk down the aisle with Matt’s brother Jake!

I’m proud to say that we totally rocked our jaunt down the aisle. No trips, slips, falls, etc. 🙂 Of course most people we’re even watching us because the two following us down the aisle stole the show. I’m not talking about Emily and Dad, I’m talking about the cutest members of the wedding party, Chloe and Camden!


They were so stinking cute! Their daddy’s had to help them along since neither were walking on their own quite yet. It’s so funny because Camden is much more loosy, goosy when he walks while Chloe is stiff and robotic! About halfway down or so, Dan and JP picked them up and walked them down the rest of the way. Doesn’t JP make the cutest flower girl? I bet he never expected to fill that role in his life!

Next up was the best part of the wedding. I already knew how gorgeous Emily looked, so my eyes were on Matt!


She was so stunning and just radiating joy. Matt shed a few tears and I did everything I could to hold mine in. The ceremony went off without a hitch. I did the first reading and kind of forgot that it was my turn to get up to read! We all sat down after opening prayers, I looked around waiting for what was next and suddenly realized it was me! So of course I yelp, “Oh that’s me!” and scramble up to the alter.


Luckily I nailed the reading and Emily and Father Drew only made fun of me a little bit. Here Em is pointing at me while Father Drew was calling me out during the homily. It was pretty hilarious.

The wedding was beautiful and it’s so special that Emily and I both got married at the same church with the same pastor. It’s even more special that Emily and Matt got married at the place they first met!


To say they were so happy to be married is an understatement! It’s definitely been a long time coming.

Em’s girls were all pretty happy to! The musicians were playing Ain’t No Mountain and we were totally jamming while we were waiting to take formal portraits! Portraits went pretty quickly which was good because it gets warm and overwhelming under all those lights! The photographers did a great job getting us in and out!

We were ready to get to the reception to party! But first, the bustle. Emily’s was fairly simple with 3 little hooks, but man were they hard to find! They also came unhooked whenever Em sat down. We got pretty good at finding them by the end of the night.

Then we were off to the reception! Emily and Mom did a great job with all of the details!



Since it was a 7:00pm wedding, we were ready to eat after introductions! We’re not used to 9:00 dinners that’s for sure. Of course, Charlotte and I had too many butterflies to eat. We had our speeches coming up!

I’m proud to say that we both nailed it! Charlotte’s was adorable and funny, and mine was a bit sappy. I had to throw in a few silly stories from our childhood and pass on my role as Emily’s #1 to Matt. I’m number 1 1/2 now of course. They can’t get rid of me that easily!

After cake cutting, were the first dances which had my mom and I in tears.



Thinking about Chloe and her daddy having their first dance one day made me lose it. Becoming a mom leaves you with so many emotions that I never had before!

Once the first dances were over, it was time to hit the dance floor and party the night away! Wedding dancing is my favorite. I could be a professional wedding dancer that’s for sure.


I think Chloe could too. She must get it from her momma!




The photobooth was such a hit! I may have jumped in on a lot of people’s pictures. Oooops 🙂


I saw both of my brothers in one spot and wanted to get sibling pictures, so I grabbed the photographer and said I’d be back with Emily. But then Sir Mix-A-Lots “I like big butts” came on and we had to dance first! It’s kind of mine and Em’s theme song. What can we say, we got it from our momma!


After a quick dance, we made it back to our patiently waiting brothers!


Then we got all of our extended siblings in the picture! All we’re missing is Kate and Corbette!

The wedding and reception were absolutely beautiful. So of course the send off was too. The sparklers were perfect and so much fun. I think Charlotte and I did at least 5 sparklers!


It’s safe to say they’re pretty happy!

Now they’re enjoyed just over a month of wedded bliss! I’m beyond happy to have Matt as my brother officially. He’s the perfect addition to the Timmer clan. The fact that he’s put up with our crazy antics for this long means that he can hang with us…well forever. Looks like he’s stuck with us now!

Emily and Matt,

I’m beyond happy for this next chapter in your lives! I love you both so much and can’t wait to see what God has in store for you. I look forward to seeing y’all grow in love and faith. Enjoy every day and every challenge that comes your way. Marriage isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. Oh and Chloe wanted me to tell you that she wants some cousins. That’s all. I love you both!

Amy {and Chloe!}

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