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Friday Favorites!
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Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday y’all! Did this week go fast for anyone else? I don’t know why, but it flew by for me. I will say, it was a really great week though! No specific reason, I just felt like I’ve been in good spirits lately. Anyone else feel like sometimes things are just really good without something exceptional happening? I think it’s about perspective. I’ve been trying to change my perspective lately. I kind of went down a bit of a rabbit hole dealing with a bit of anxiety the last few months. Once I recognized the issue, I decided to make a change and it’s working! Now let’s move onto pretty pictures and some of my favorite things from this week!

one. fruit and mommy & me smoothies

One great thing about having a little one is fresh fruit is always in our house. Chloe loves fruit, so I try to make sure we have plenty. I always seem to crave fruit in the summertime! I also crave smoothies in the summer! This week I decided to make mommy and me smoothies for Chloe and I! She LOVED it! Here’s what I did:

Mommy Smoothie:

1 scoop protein powder {I used vanilla shakeology}
1 cup almond milk
1/2 frozen banana
4-5 frozen strawberries
3/4 cup frozen mango

Baby Smoothie:

2-4 oz breastmilk {Use enough to make smoothie consistency}
1/4 frozen banana
3 frozen strawberries
4-6 hunks frozen mango
When we have too much fruit, I’ll freeze some to use in smoothies! I also cut up fruit into Chloe bite size pieces and freeze it for her to eat. She LOVES frozen fruit!


two. independent play

Chloe has been playing independently quite a bit lately! In fact, she’s playing as I blog right now. I love watching her while she’s crawling and cruising around the room. I can see the gears turning as she decides what she wants to do. She’s really turning into a little person, not just a tiny baby. Playtime is also nice because I can get things done around the house while she plays. This means that she finds more things that we need to baby proof. My awesome mother in law is actually coming tomorrow to help us with that! She’s the greatest. But seriously, she’s awesome.


three. Thursday morning dates

A few weeks ago, I unintentionally started a weekly date with Chloe. The past 4 Thursday mornings Chloe and I have gone out of the house for breakfast and a walk. It’s kind of become our Thursday morning date! I take a different route each week, but it always involves a stop at Whole Foods for breakfast. Sometimes I bring food for us, sometimes we get something special like a muffin. Yesterday, I brought homemade banana bread and we bought some fresh fruit. {Pictured at the top of this blog!} Then we ventured out to the bayou for a hike/jog. We hiked up and down the hills in Spott’s Park and then jogged along the bayou. I took a route that I’d never gone before and found this beautiful spot. It was the Houston Police Officers’ Memorial. I posted it on Instagram and mentioned how fitting it was amidst the turmoil in our country. I truly believe that all lives matter. Black lives. Police lives. All lives. My friend Traci commented with something her pastor said and it really spoke to me. “White people are not the problem. Black people are not the problem. Cops are not the problem. Refugees are not the problem. The devil is the problem.”  Amen to that. Sorry to go a bit off tangent, but I had to share.


four. dino diapers & matching bows

I captured this moment and I’m kind of obsessed. This kid is always on the go and it’s harder to get these sweet smiles on camera!

five. off the shoulder shirts

I’m kind of obsessed with this trend right now! These tops are everywhere, but I must say that Target has been on point with these adorable tops. I actually have the first one above and wore it for Chloe’s one year pictures. I also bought a dress like this and I’m hoping to wear it soon!

What are your favorites this week?
What’s your favorite fashion trend this summer?

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