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A Summer Zoo Day
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A Summer Zoo Day

Happy Monday! Did y’all have a wonderful weekend? I know that I did! The best part is that we actually didn’t do all that much. A little here and a little there, but mostly relaxing at the house, watching movies, playing with Chloe, walking the dogs and just living.

Saturday morning we decided to have a family date, so we went to brunch at Harry’s and then the Zoo! Every time I tell people that I went to the zoo in Houston in July they think I’m crazy. But it wasn’t that bad! We got there at 10:30am before it was too hot. The zoo is set up nicely so there are several spots you can be inside in the A/C like the aquarium, natural encounters, reptiles and bugs. There are also some air conditioned indoor areas to view the gorillas and chimps!

We started in the aquarium and Chloe was mesmerized by the colorful, swimming fishies! This was our first trip to the zoo where Chloe was actually interested in what was going on. She looked towards the animals, reached towards the glass and laughed with excitement. It made my momma heart soar.

She sat straight up in her stroller while we walked around, but we got her out several times to get a closer look. I loved seeing her reactions to the animals moving around. She’s been much more interested in her dogs lately, but I didn’t know if she would be the same at the zoo.

The best part of the day was playing at the splash pad! Our little water baby was absolutely in love! To make it even better, we got to cool off in the water too while we walked around with her.


She even made a little friend. It was so cute to see them crawling around reaching for the water shooting out of the ground.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to another splash pad really soon because this girl was in Heaven. Oh and I got her adorable Minnie Mouse bathing suit on sale for $3 at H&M!!! It’s a little big, but that means she has room to grow into it. Good thing since we still have a few more months of summer.

We left shortly after the splash pad. It was time to cool off and relax after our busy family morning, and someone was pretty pooped and in need of a nap! I’m talking about JP of course. Just kidding. We spent the rest of the day relaxing. The rest of the weekend really!

I did get a chance to brunch with my girls and see The Secret Life of Pets though! It was adorable and totally worth seeing especially if you’re a pet owner/animal lover.

I guess I had a weekend full of animals and I’m pretty okay with that! Have a wonderful Monday y’all.

Have you been to the zoo lately? What is your favorite part?
Mine is the elephants and giraffes. And now the splash pad 🙂

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