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5 Favorite Toys at 11 months!

5 Favorite Toys at 11 months!

Hey y’all! This week things have been back to normal. {Thank goodness!} I’m no longer sick, we’re not traveling and we don’t have a crazy, busy schedule. We’ve actually had time at home to hang out and just play. Yesterday, my little hurricane decided it would be fun to play a game called get out all the toys and put them all around the living room so mom can pick them up and we can do it again! We had lots of fun and it had me thinking about which toys were her favorites. I know that figuring out what toys to buy for certain age groups can be challenging, so I decided to share with y’all her favorites at 11 months.

The best thing about all of these toys is that they could be given to younger or older children. They just play with them differently at various ages!

 one. Fisher Price Beatbo

Beatbo is awesome. He sings songs and dances! Chloe is all about dancing and wiggling around these days. She loves to press the buttons on his feet. Sometimes she doesn’t let him get through a whole song…actually, most of the time she doesn’t, but she doesn’t seem to mind! He sings educational songs that teach about letters, numbers and colors, and he sings songs for dancing and moving around. He also has a recording feature and he sings back what you say! Beatbo is a little pricey but worth it.

two. Fisher Price Blocks

These are a staple in our house and I know that she’ll love them for a long time. Currently she loves to dump all the blocks out. I’m working on teaching her how to put them into the box. Later we’ll work on putting the correct shape into the correct hole. I also love that I can tell her the color and/or shape of the block that she shows me!


three. Board Books

This kid loves to play with books! I love the board books because she can’t rip or eat the pages. She likes to grab them, open and closer them and for whatever reason, throw them on the ground and step on them! Books are her favorite toys to play with when we’re up in her room. I like to sit there and read a story to her while she attempts to destroy the others. Some of my favorites are anything Eric Carle, the How Do Dinosaurs series and the Touch and Feel books.

four. Skip Hop Musical Instruments

Musical noise makers! She loves to shake these and hit them on things. Her current favorite is the bumble bee rattle. They all make different sounds, but aren’t overly obnoxious. Plus they’re adorable little animals! I really like Skip Hop and find they have great quality baby products. UPDATE 6/2019: On sale at link above for $14!!!

five. Fisher Price Xylophone

More musical noise makers, but she loves them! At first she just liked to chew on the end of the stick and listen to us play it for her, but now she can hit the keys herself and make music! She is very proud when she makes music and will look up and wait for us to clap for her. It’s very sweet. I can see this one being a favorite for quite a while.

Some runner ups were the remote, wipes {she just loves them}, Minnie Mouse {she learned how to give her hugs and kisses}, her zebra walker {she’s still afraid to walk without holding onto something}, and the dogs toys {because apparently they’re more appealing then hers!}.

I hope this helps anyone trying to figure out what to get a one year old! I would say most of these toys are good for 9+ months. I hope y’all have a wonderful Friday and an awesome weekend!

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  1. Kimberlie says:

    We absolutely loved the Fisher Price sorter and just recently sold it ( my son is three now). Board books are still a favorite along with anything musical.

    1. Books are always a hit and board books are awesome since they can’t rip them!

  2. Those are really fun and education toys! We love fisher price and leapfrog when my kids were younger!

    1. Those two brands are our favorites too. So educational!

  3. My daughter loved the shape sorter when she was younger. Board books are always good. We love the Learning Resources brand here as well. They have so many great pretend play toys for young toddlers. There are so many toy options for babies and toddlers these days.

  4. My 9 month old has the exact same jumper that turns to activity table and has loved it! She also loves her xylophone. These toys are spot on!

  5. 11 months is so fun! We definitely kept things more simple with basic wooden toys, but have a ton of board books my daughter loved! Cute ideas!

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