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Let Them Be Little {and a give away!}
Chloe Grace

Let Them Be Little {and a give away!}

Happy Thursday y’all! Holiday weekends always throw me off because the week goes by so fast! Don’t get me wrong, no complaints here. The sooner we have Daddy home for the weekend, the happier little Chlo and I are! We love having him home with us, but we like that he works so hard for us too. I don’t work after Wednesday, so its already the weekend for me. Unless you consider being a mom my job. In which case, I’m always woking and I’m okay with that. Best job ever! {Most days at least…} What’s that you say? You want to see a picture of my tough work as a mom? Okay. Fine.

She makes working look so good! Here’s Chloe and I from this past Saturday. We spent the day running errands and shopping with Daddy. This was on our way to dinner that evening for family date night!

Now let’s rewind back to that being a mom bit. It’s kind of hard to believe that I’ve almost been a mom for a whole year! They say “the days are long but the years are short.” They’re right. I knew it would go by fast because pretty much everyone I talked to said that it would, but you don’t realize how time flies until you’re really in the moment. That being said, I’m trying to embrace the whole “let them be little” bit. Chloe loves turning the Xbox on and off, throwing the DVDs and BluRays all over the floor, climbing all over me, pulling my hair, dumping out her toy bin, chasing after the dogs, ruining my nicely folded stacks of clothes and smearing her dirty hands all over my shirt. I’ve embraced Hurricane Chloe and I just let it happen because she’s only going to be little once! So here’s to food on the floor, avocado smears on my shirt, living room disasters, water soaked bathrooms and most importantly messy kisses and snuggles. Thank goodness for nap time, caffeine, washing machines, cleaning supplies and learning to just let it go.

Now I’ve got something fun for all you moms {and dads, grandmas and grandpas!} out there who could use something to make days with your littles just a bit easier. Who wants to win a gift certificate for high­ end baby products from Stokke? What’s that? You love winning? Me too! Then you need to become a member at! Trybe gives you the opportunity to try your favorite products in exchange for your honest opinion, all for free! Once you get signed up, you can apply for the Stokke hooded towel AND Flexi Bath! That’s two opportunities for you to be selected. If you are selected, you will receive a $50 gift certificate to purchase any products from Stokke’s website. Your choice! You pretty much get to enjoy a free product of great quality! All Trybe will ask from you in return is your honest opinion in the form of an anonymous survey. Click and sign up for Trybe! You know you want to. Take a look at just a few things that Stokke has to offer:

images from

Here’s the even more exciting part. Trybe has told me they will guarantee that at least 2 of my readers that sign up will get the gift certificate! The other good news is that Trybe is new to North America, so they’re really working hard to build up their US community. That’s where you come in. Stokke isn’t the only campaign they’re running! Want to test M&Ms or an Oral B electric toothbrush? Check it out. As time goes on and their community grows, they’ll be able to release more products to test in the US!

Here’s a little more information about Trybe, how to sign up and most importantly how to increase the chance of being selected!

About Trybe
Trybe has a large community of testers in Europe and Latin America and is represented in more than 79 countries, including the United States. Trybe was founded in Norway with the aim of connecting the consumers with brands giving them the opportunity to share their honest opinions about the products they test.

As a user it is a simple and easy way to experiment with products from your favorite brands. The best part: everything is free!

Trybe has already distributed thousands of products throughout Europe and Latin America. It’s about time the US gets the same opportunity, so here we are!

How can I participate? 

Participating is easy and takes less than 1 minute!
  1. Register on
  2. Select the products you want to try and click on the “Try” button
  3. Answer a short questionnaire

Then you just have to wait to see if you are selected! 🙂

How does the selection of testers work?

The aim of Trybe is to study the preferences of people consuming brands, so we try to cover all consumer groups within the country. The selection of testers works through a profile match with the product and the objective of the Trybe study. However, the actual selection is in the hands of Trybe and we always give priority to users who demonstrate a greater commitment to us.  
How can I increase the probability of being selected?
  1. Fully complete your profile. We always give priority to those with complete profiles. 
  2. Your address must be complete, so we know where to send the product (otherwise we cannot send you the product).
  3. Complete the survey(s), sharing your honest opinion. 
  4. Refer friends to Trybe by sharing your referral link found in your profile or by clicking “Tip a friend” from the product page. Your friend must register to Trybe through this same link so we can count the number of friends you have invited.
  5. Follow Trybe on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The selection of candidates can take between 30 to 90 days and we will always contact by email you if you are selected or not. You will also find information about your status for other campaigns on your Trybe profile. You can find that information here! We will send the product within a maximum of 40 days to the address you have registered in your profile. It is important to update this information if it changes.
Now get out there and sign up now! You know you want to 🙂 Chloe thinks it’s a great idea!

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