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Workout Wednesday: Pyramid Workout

Workout Wednesday: Pyramid Workout

I’m back! That’s right, two days in a row even when I’m sick! Be proud, very proud. I even have a great new and challenging workout for y’all!

Today’s workout is a pyramid workout! An upside down pyramid really because you start with the highest number and work down to the lowest repetitions. Take a look…



You get a little bit of everything!
Cardio with with the jumping jacks.
Cardio, core and shoulders with the plank jacks.
Lower body with the squat front kicks.
Upper body and core with the push ups.
Total body and cardio with the burpees!
Click on the links in the exercises above to learn the movements.

For beginners, start with one round. Once you’re endurance and form improves, work towards two or even three rounds!

The best part of this workout is that it can be done anywhere! In your home. Out at the park. In your hotel room. During your lunch break. At the gym. Where ever!

You can also spice things up by changing the exercises for each of the numbers!

Get creative and let me know what other exercises you would throw in there!

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