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Happy National Running Day!
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Happy National Running Day!

It’s National Running Day! As a runner, this is a day I can’t just forget! I’ll be out at Memorial Park in Houston for the Chevron Houston Marathon Committee’s National Running Day party! Houstonians, click the link if you’re interested in joining! We’re meeting near the tennis courts on the Memorial Loop and the event lasts from 5:00-7:00pm. There will be a run led by a committee member that leaves at 5:30pm with a party to follow!

The bad part about living in Houston is that running gets much harder during the summer months. It’s hot and long distances are practically impossible for this girl. I suffered from heat exhaustion a few years ago and I’m very sensitive to the heat now. For me, I play the better safe than sorry card and do more running indoors from June until marathon training begins in August.

I know the treadmill isn’t for everyone, but I’ve got something to spice things up for those of you that deal with HOT summer months. Instead of just running, grab some weights and incorporate some strength training with your cardio. All you need is a treadmill and some dumbbells, about 5-10 lbs.


The lunges, curls, chest press and shoulder press are all completed using the dumbbells! Feel free to add more sprints or extend your running/jogging time. The workout about is exactly 30 minutes. Perfect to squeeze in during lunchtime maybe? Give it a go and change up your usual treadmill experience! Maybe we can make the treadmill fun after all!

Happy National Running Day! Houston Marathon lottery registration opens up today! So take a leap and enter the lottery to see if you can run the full or the half!

And in honor of the day, here’s a group pic of my amazing running club Runner’s High! Come join us if you’re in Houston!


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