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10 Healthy Eating Tips for Summer

10 Healthy Eating Tips for Summer

It’s June, it’s summer and the livin’ is easy! Okay, not so easy for most of us. This is the time of year I wish I was still in college or a teacher so that I could go for a summer vacation! Trust me, I know that teachers out there totally deserve it. I have so many teacher friends and I see what y’all go through, but I just kind of want one too! Anyways, I digress; back to summer. Summer means picnics, BBQs, happy hours, pool parties, so on and so forth. Lots of food, drinks and bikinis & swim trunks. Food and bikinis don’t really go together. I know we all want to look good in our bathing suits this year, so here are some healthy eating tips to follow this summer!

Now let’s break it down and talk about why!

1. Drink a lot of water.

Hydration is key. The more water you drink, the less chances you have to be dehydrated and bloated. Drinking more water actually helps to decrease bloating and water weight, and it gives you more energy if you drink it throughout the day. An added bonus, water also keeps you feeling full which can make you think twice about whether or not you need that snack.

2. Eat fresh fruit.

Choosing fresh fruit over dried fruit will save you calories and make you feel fuller. You can eat more for the same number of calories which makes you brain think you’re getting more food! It’s also refreshing to bite into some cold fruit on a hot summer day. Think watermelon, apples, strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, etc.

3. Create salads using fruit and veggies.

Salads are light and refreshing during the summer. The best part is that there are so many different combinations that you won’t get bored. Oh and don’t forget the dressing! Go light on the dressing, but use one that has some fat in it. It will help your body absorb the nutrients from your salad and give your body the fat it needs to keep going strong!

4. Avoid greasy foods.

Pretty simple, they weigh you down and they’re heavy and hard on your stomach. If you’re going to be by the water somewhere, keep it healthy and simple! I know this is easier said than done and some days, it just won’t happen. Remember life is about balance, so even out a greasy meal with something light and healthy later!

5. Make your own burger patties.

Pre-made patties are usually made with a fattier meat, they’re more processed and you don’t necessarily know what’s in them. Instead, buy your own ground meat whether it be beef, buffalo, turkey or even chicken! Add in your spices the way you want and make a patty of your own. Now you know what’s going in it and you can adjust how big your burger is.

6. Choose a smoothie over ice cream.

It just makes sense! Fruit, low fat milk, maybe a little yogurt and some protein…way better for you than ice cream and you still get your sweet fix. If you’re having ice cream, stick to the portion size and you’re good to go!

7. Real foods, not processed.

Pretty simple, eat real not fake! Processed foods are bad for our body, and we’re all guilty of eating them. (Even more so when you have kids with snacks all around!) Try to stray away from them this summer. Who knows, maybe you’ll make the change for good!

8. Green tea over sweet tea.

Tea has antioxidants and caffeine, but less caffeine than coffee and sodas. Green tea is a better choice than sweet because of the sugar content!

9. Eat breakfast.

Breakfast boosts your metabolism in the morning and kick starts your day. Don’t skip it, you won’t regret it!

10. Avoid carbs in the evening.

Carbohydrates give your body the necessary energy it needs to keep up and at ’em during the day. Your body doesn’t need as many carbs in the evening because you’re winding down for bed. Take the starches out of your dinner and have them with lunch instead!

Now go out there, grab your bathing suit and remember these healthy eating tips for summer to look even better by the end of the season! And pin this post to your summer or healthy living boards to look back on when you need a friendly reminder!

These healthy eating tips for summer will help you keep a slim waist line for swimsuit season! Keep these in mind to fuel your body with healthy energy! #summereating #bikinibody #summerbodytips #tipsforsummer

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