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Suicide Cardio Workout

Suicide Cardio Workout

Happy Friday! After a short week, it’s almost the weekend! Short weeks can be the hardest, and this one was a little rough. For me at least. But hey, it’s almost the weekend and I have something fun for y’all. Well, fun if you like to try new and exciting workouts!

Do you remember having to run suicide sprints during gym or athletics in school? You know, you run to the closest point then back, then the to the next closest point and back. Then the the next and eventually you get to the furthest point and run back to the start? Well that’s what we’re doing, but with cardio drills! Start with the first drill, add on the second, then start from the beginning completing one, two then three! Keep going until you add them all in!


Here’s a video of each of the exercises so you know what you’re doing!

High Knees – 25 on each side, so count to 50 total!
Toe Touch Jacks
Heisman Drills – no ladder needed. Just step, step pause to one side and then step, step pause to the other. That’s 1!
Squat Thrusts
Star Jumps

So there you have it! Go through the entire workout once and if you’re up for it, do it again! Questions? Shoot them this way! Let me know if you give it a try! I had my strength zone class do this workout last week and it was a total hit. A little strength and a lot of cardio!

Now have a fabulous Friday and an amazing weekend! I’m looking forward to getting some rest and actually being in town this weekend. Still plenty to do, but I get to sleep in my own bed! It’s the little things y’all 🙂

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