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James Brody: 2 Years Old
James Brody

James Brody: 2 Years Old

My baby boy is TWO! I was telling a friend the other day that time is strange. It feels like Brody was just born yesterday, but at the same time, it feels like he’s always been here. Time and life are funny like that. No matter what I’m so thankful to have been this little boy’s mommy for TWO full years on this earth.

Today is all about Brody! We’re going to look back on his last year, his likes, dislikes and more!

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This last year Brody:

  • started walking everywhere and getting into everything!
  • learned some new words but mostly grunted to communicate.
  • went to College Station for several football weekends.
  • spent Christmas in New Orleans for Auntie Kate and Uncle Nathan’s wedding.
  • was a ring bearer in said wedding!
  • spent 10 days with his grandparents while mom and dad went on their big trip to Disney World and the Bahamas.
  • got his first hair cut.
  • started a mommy and me gymnastics class because mom was tired of chasing him off the floor during big sister’s class!
  • went to his first Rodeo Houston Carnival.
  • experienced the COVID-19 pandemic and government shutdown.
  • found out that he’s going to be a BIG brother!
  • went to the beach several times.
  • traveled to Ft. Meyers, FL for a much needed mommy and me trip.
  • registered for his first year of school that starts next month!
  • celebrated his birthday with family swimming at Nonna and Poppa’s house!

A crazy year to be one.

This second year of Brody’s life has been very interesting for our little guy. It started out this a bang when we went to Scotland right before he turned one. While we were there, he started walking and within a few months he was literally running everywhere! The end of his year was clouded by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not something we expected to deal with at all!

Brody is an incredibly physical little boy. Like I said above, once he realized he could indeed walk on his own, he tested the limits and tried going faster and faster. When he was only 16 months old, he started jumping around and hasn’t stopped since. (I don’t remember Chloe being able to jump until she was 2! In fact, I have videos of her eating it at 20 months or so.)

While Brody’s physical capabilities seem to be stronger than most his age, he’s not one to say much. He understands everything that we’re saying to him, but he isn’t into repeating you or even responding sometimes. Over the last two months, he’s definitely tried talking so much more, but he’s just a little slower on that front. It’s not something I’m worried about at all because he’s such a smart kid.

Brody’s Favorite Things

Trucks: This kid is obsessed and loves every kind of truck out there! Monster trucks, construction equipment, pick up trucks, fire trucks, you name it. He loves going out to watch the garbage and recycle trucks go by and pick up our trash. The guys are so sweet and smile, wave and honk for him! We have truck books and cars scattered all throughout our house. I swear we didn’t push this on him. He’s just a boy through and through.

Walks and runs in the stroller: If I need to get this kid to chill out, sticking him in the jogging stroller for a walk or run always calms him down. He doesn’t even need a toy or book to distract him while he’s in there. I could walk for an hour without him complaining. All he needs is a snack and water bottle and we’re good to go. He’s clearly my boy because this active mom needs to log her miles and he’s the best running buddy.

Dinosaurs: Following in his mother’s footsteps, this kid loves dinosaurs. It may have something to do with the fact that he’s surrounded by them in his room. Who knows, either way he thinks they’re great and so do I. He’s currently obsessed with the new dinosaur Paw Patrol episodes. Dinosaurs and trucks all in one show. Winning.

Swimming: We have another water baby! He’s loved the water since he was itty bitty, and he knows how to kick to get where he’s going and float if he wants to…which he usually doesn’t. He’s a fan of all kinds of water from mud puddles and kiddie pools to swimming pools and the ocean. Any type of water is his friend!

Building Towers: And knocking them down. This kid will play with all kind of blocks, but his favorites are these soft blocks his Nonna got him for Christmas. He also loves Mega Bloks, Lincoln Logs and these Nerdy Baby Blocks Jojo got Chloe for her first or second birthday!

Shows: Paw Patrol, Blaze, Leo the Truck, Brain Candy TV

Movies: Cars, Cars 3, The Good Dinosaur, Up

My Tough Two Year Old

What a year it has been! There have been so many ups and downs and this little boy has been a trooper through and through.

Over the past year, Brody has grown so much and his personality has bloomed. Even though he doesn’t talk much, he has his own unique ways of communicating with us and showing his emotions. This little guy is incredibly laid back, like his daddy, but when something makes him mad, everyone knows it. As long as things are smooth in Brody’s world, he’s cool, calm and collected!

It’s hard to believe that he’ll be starting school in just a couple weeks! He’ll be at the same preschool Chloe attended for 3 years starting in their Mother’s Day Out program. Better yet, one of his teachers is the same one that Chloe had, AND his cousin Gabe will be in his class! I know that starting school will be such a blessing to my boy to help him grow over the next year.

He’s going to do big things and I can’t wait to see where this next year takes us!

Take a peek at Brody’s one year post if you want a flashback!

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