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James Brody: Five Months Old
James Brody

James Brody: Five Months Old

Happy five month birthday to this sweet, smiling baby boy! For the first time in a long time, I can say that this month didn’t fly by too fast and it wasn’t quite as crazy. Don’t get me wrong, there were some crazy days, but overall more toned down. This momma definitely needed it.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Brody didn’t have a lot going on. Being a baby is busy business you know. As always, he’s had lots of firsts. Some big and some small, but all are worth documenting to me!

This month, Brody has gained roughly 1lb and weighs 16.5lbs according to our scale. At his 4 month check up he was 25 1/2 inches, so I’m sure he’s taller now!

5 Month Firsts:

First New Year

New Year’s Eve came and turned into 2019! Brody was up until about 10:15pm on NYE thanks to all the business going on around him, but he woke up to his first New Year! Nothing too exciting, but I got a super cute picture in his outfit that I have yet to share!

First time to really find (and love) his feet

He’s noticed his feet before, but this last month, he fell in love with his feet. Anytime he sees them, he’s constantly grabbing them. I’m pretty sure his love for his feet is what will eventually cause him to roll from back to belly. He could do it, but isn’t interested. The closest he’s come is in the bathtub when playing with his feet, but I had to stop him!

First Harry Potter outfit

Okay, maybe not your traditional first for a baby, but HP is a big deal in this house and I finally got him in Chloe’s old Mischief Managed onesie! He also got another HP outfit from his Auntie Kate and Uncle Nathan for Christmas, but I haven’t gotten a good picture of him in it yet. (The pants are from Target! A gift from my sweet friend Chelsea!)

First transition out of the swaddle into the Zipadee Zip

It seemed like it was about time to transition out of our Halo Sleepsack into the next step. I didn’t know what that was since Chloe never liked to be swaddled! First we did the one arm swaddle switching the arm that was out every other night. After two weeks of this, I decided to give the Zipadee Zip a try. My bestie Julie let us borrow her daughters first Zipadee Zip to see if we liked it. Needless to say, it’s a staple in our house and I highly recommend it! Brody loves it. Obviously every baby is different, but it’s a great transition piece for those who love to be swaddled.

First time in the swing

Chloe insisted that Brody try out the swing one day, so we gave it a go! He wasn’t really too sure about it. After a couple of minutes he cried so I took him out. He’s been in since then and is really starting to like it! This picture is just before he started to cry. You can see the uncertainty on his face.

First time to figure out how to jump in his Exersaucer

I busted out Chloe’s old Exersaucer back in December as a new place to set Brody down, but the past couple of weeks, he finally figured out how to jump in it! He bounces like crazy and makes us all laugh out loud. He loves jumping around in there and making his sister laugh while he does it!

First race expo

Not every baby has been to a race expo, but Brody went before he was 5 months old! He tagged along with his daddy, sister and me to the Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon Expo! He was the best baby and rode around in our Moby wrap the whole time. He even decided to take a little nap while we were at it. (Race recap coming Thursday!)

First baptism

I realize you only have one baptism, but since we’re talking firsts here, this seemed appropriate. James Brody Gougler was baptized and accepted into the Catholic Church on Sunday, January 20th. We ran our half marathon in the morning and had our son baptized that afternoon along with his cousin Gabriel. It was the perfect afternoon and now that I have all the pictures, a full post will come soon.

Brody loves…

  • nursing as often as possible. I think he’s looking forward to trying solids in a month.
  • chewing his tongue. When it isn’t his tongue, his hands are in his mouth. Thanks teething!
  • being around, watching and laughing at/with his big sister.
  • jumping in his Exersaucer. 
  • standing and being “straight”. He loves flexing his quads when standing and laying down. My little muscle man.
  • sitting up. He can pretty much sit up by himself. He needs a little stability help, but he’s almost got it!
  • smiling! This kid has the best smile.
  • bathtime. It’s his jam. Especially since he knows his feet will be there.

Brody doesn’t love…

  • getting dressed after bath time. It’s the worst. Other times he doesn’t mind so much.
  • not being picked up as soon as he’s ready. Patience isn’t a virtue he’s learned yet. 
  • when mommy walks out of sight.
  • being put down after 6pm. Daddy has to walk around with him all evening.
  • getting bumped in the head by his sister. Ooops!

Yet again, it’s been another magical month with these sweet soul!

My sweet Brody Boy,

Every morning I greet you with a sweet, “Hello, good morning!” and if your sister is with me, she mimics with a silly, sweet voice that I’ll never forget. I hope it’s one you remember too. She absolutely adores you. I know this won’t be the case forever, but I hope you always come back around to one another. Every morning, you always have a big smile on your face as soon as you hear my voice. It makes me feel like the best mom and most special person in the world. Again, I know I won’t always be the center of your universe, but the fact that I am now bring me such joy.

For possibly the first month of your life, we had a somewhat less busy month! Lots of big and exciting things happened, but overall life has slowed down. This past month you had your first New Year’s Eve and Day, first time in the swing per your sister’s request, first race expo and you were baptized! Your baptism was beautiful but a bit chaotic. Your cousin Gabe was also baptized at the same time and he wasn’t too pleased about it. When you heard him cry, it made you cry too! Also Gabe’s parents’ were your Godparents and your parents’ were Gabe’s Godparents. It made everything a little more interesting, but we managed!

Every day you find a way to bring light to our lives. You also find ways to drive us crazy, but that’s expected. Not every day is perfect, but not every day is bad either. I’d rather have 1,000,000 bad days with you than a single one without. You’re my boy and you know it. I always tell you that you’re going to be mine and I’ll keep you forever. Right now, you agree that you’ll always be my boyfriend. I know it won’t always be like this, but I’ll soak up every day that it does. I love you my son.

I love you without wax,

Your Momma

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