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Things I’ve Tried and Liked: Skincare Edition
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Things I’ve Tried and Liked: Skincare Edition

Happy Monday y’all! I know that I promised a race recap and baptism photos last week, but I’m still waiting on some pictures and I loaned out my computer for a few days last week. What I really mean is I’m a bit behind and possibly procrastinated a little bit. And by procrastinated, I mean, I was busy being a mom of two and had other things to do when I actually had access to my computer. #truth Those posts will come this week and I know they will because I have them drafted and almost ready to go!

I’ve actually been wanting to share products that I’ve been loving and where to buy them with y’all for a while, but haven’t been very good at doing it! I follow @things.i.bought.and.liked on Instagram and find her page helpful and often times hilarious. I won’t pretend that I’m nearly as clever, but I do want to share things I’ve tried and liked. So here is a spin off where I plan to share with y’all different types of things I’ve tried and well…liked! Today is the skincare edition because I’ve tried lots of different products lately and have a lot to say about some of them. There’s also a promo code that won’t disappoint!

(Just a heads up, some of the links below are affiliate links which means I receive a small commission at no extra expense to you for buying through my link! I hope you like some of these products and are enticed to try them for yourself!)

Yeouth – Anti-aging Thirties System

All six products above actually come together to use as a daily skincare regimen and I’m in love! You start with the refreshing Vitamin C Facial Cleanser. Next, you give yourself a spritz or two of the balancing toner while your face is still slightly damp. Step 3 is different depending on day and night. In the mornings, use a pump of the Vitamin C&E Serum; before bed, a pump of the Hyaluronic Acid Plus. Next step is a pump of the Radiance Eye Gel, and finish it all off with a dab of the Day/Night Cream. Together these products work together great! I’ve loved using them and notice a HUGE difference in the brightness of my skin which is saying a lot for this momma of two.

If you check out they also have other anti-aging systems as well as the products sold individually if there is something specific you want to try! Of the 6 products above, my favorite is the Day/Night Cream. I love how light-weight and smooth it is. It doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky or even like I have anything on it. I do think it works best with the system though! My skin absorbs more moisture and feels hydrated throughout the day when I do every step which has been important in these dry winter months! If you’re interested, check out and use promo code SOCIAL20 to get 20% your first order!

Rose Mask Sheet

I received this beauty as a gift from my girlfriend and loved the light, floral scent of this rose mask.

Yes To Cucumbers – Mask Bundle

I really liked the Say Yes to Carrots mask and have tried the cucumber one as well. (Cucumber is linked above because I couldn’t find the carrot masks online!) These masks are cut well to fit your face nicely without having to constantly fix while wearing. It’s recommended to wear for 10 minutes, but I usually end up wearing them for closer to 15. After a few minutes, your skin will begin to tingle which is a good thing! That means the mask is working. I personally love the warm, tingly feeling, but if that bothers you, then this mask isn’t for you!

BLAQ – Activated Charcoal Eye Mask with HydroGel

These came in the winter Fun Fit Fab box and do not disappoint. There are 5 sets of under eye masks, one for each eye. These masks are black and have a jello like texture. They stick right under your eyes and leave a nice cooling sensation as you wear them. Leave them on for 10-15 minutes to hydrate those bags under your eyes and voila! You’re as good as new! Okay, not quite, but it does leaving my eyes feeling more hydrated, less puffy and possibly a little brighter.

C. Booth – Deep Cleansing Volcanic Mud Mask

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find this particular product in stock anywhere. I got it several years ago and didn’t start using it regularly until early last year. I believe I received it in a box from either Influenster or Fun Fit Fab. The good news is that I did a little research and found a similar product on Amazon that I think y’all would like: Dr. Wellness Volcanic Ash Clay Mud Mask. The C. Booth brand that I like is thick when it comes out of the tube and easily smooths out evenly over my entire face. It recommended to leave it on for 15-20 minutes, so I put it on when I’m soaking in the tub. The mask dries over time and you can feel your skin tightening as it does. Take a look at this sweet picture of me below to see what I mean! After you wash the mask off, you skin is left feeling silky and smooth. I love it!

Mario Badescu Skin Care Facial Spray (Not pictured)

This is another product gifted to me by a girlfriend and I’m pretty much obsessed. It’s so light and refreshing! It gives my skin a little extra moisture whenever I need it. You can use it as a toner before moisturizing or just throughout the day to give your skin a little pick me up. I love using it in the late afternoons when I feel like my skin could use a little extra hydration without having to reapply moisturizer or other skincare products. It’s quick and easy which is one thing this momma needs!

I’m far from a skincare expert, but these products have been really good to me the past few months. I’ve been trying hard to take better care of my skin now so it will stay youthful looking longer!

I’m definitely on the lookout for new things to try, so drop a comment with your favorite skincare product for me to try!

Next round of Things I’ve Tried and Liked will be Hair Products! With all of this hair, I’ve got a few things I love to say the least. What other topics would you like to see? I’m thinking baby things, toddler girl things and workout things are a must since they’re kind of in my wheelhouse!

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