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How to Create the Perfect Themed Christmas Tree

How to Create the Perfect Themed Christmas Tree

Take a look at how to put together the perfect themed Christmas tree!

Who is on team let’s decorate for Christmas? Anyone? I know I am! Some insist on waiting until after Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving is around the corner at this point. The longer I can have my decorations out, the better! We can all use a little more merry and joy right? Well if you haven’t already decorated your Christmas tree, let my fellow blogger Cindy, tell you all about how to create the perfect themed Christmas tree!

Creating the Perfect Christmas Tree

Cindy’s tree is all about Rae Dunn, plaid prints and the color red. I personally think it’s perfect and it’s giving me lots of inspiration for my own tree this year! I’ll let Cindy tell you the rest.

Take a look at how to put together the perfect themed Christmas tree!

This is the earliest I have ever gotten my Christmas decorating done. Now if I can just keep myself out of Homegoods and Hobby Lobby. A few Christmas pillows ended up in my shopping cart last night. My daughter told me that one problem with getting it done so soon is that I will shop and want to add more. She knows me all too well.

For years I never decorated in the traditional colors, but this is the second year that I have done our main tree in red and loving it! Some of my ornaments have been around for awhile and some are new. (Pop back over to Cindy’s original post where similar details are all linked along with some other great finds for you.) Here is how to Get the Look – My Red Themed Christmas Tree.

Red Themed Christmas Tree

Favorite ornaments make the perfect theme.

This year I’m adding the plaid and Rae Dunn ornaments I got last year at the end of the season. I did see a lot of them at Homegoods tonight, so if you are a Rae Dunn fan…run!!!

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Rae Dunn ornaments from Marshalls on a Red Themed Christmas Tree
Rae Dunn ornaments on a Red Themed Christmas Tree
Red Themed Christmas Tree

Start at the top then biggest to smallest.

I start with the topper first otherwise, you are bumping into everything trying to reach the top.

Next, I stick “picks” all over…these are the snow looking pieces that you see and the red berries.

Then add your balls working from the top to the bottom. I always start with the largest pieces first and work down to the smallest.

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Red Themed Christmas Tree
Red Themed Christmas Tree

Just keep filling.

Just keep on filling it up until you are happy with it. There are no rules!

I love Christmas so much and my opinion is all trees are beautiful. It’s wonderful to see the ones that are filled with special memories from years past. I have great memories of my kids helping when they were little and all the ornaments were around the bottom. I would sneak a few up higher after they had gone to bed.

Red Themed Christmas Tree
Red Themed Christmas Tree with tree collar.

Add at tree skirt or collar.

For the final touch, add a tree skirt or collar. This is my first year to use a tree collar and I really like it. Usually a blanket does the trick and I used a red one on the smaller tree here. Also, a first is putting 2 trees together for a new look. What do you think?

Two red themed Christmas trees.

Cindy is a  a mom of four grown children and one son-in-law. She blogs over at Cynthia Janine about casual outfits, home decor, travel and a recipe or two. You can also find her on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest. Make sure and never miss a post…join here!

Be sure to check out Cindy’s blogs for more inspiration and some links to her beautiful decor! I think she’s really figured out how to create the perfect themed Christmas tree and I’ll be using some of her tips this year!

While you’re busy decorating, don’t forget to check out my Best Christmas Decor finds or take a peek in my Amazon store for holiday decor, outfits and gift ideas for all!

Does your Christmas tree have a theme this year?

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As you start thinking about decorating for Christmas this year, don't forget about all the details on your tree! Take a look at how you can put together the perfect themed Christmas tree in your home!

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  1. Beautiful! I just cleared the spot for my Christmas tree, and my husband is pulling it out of storage today (he doesn’t know this yet! Ha!). I love themed trees! Right now my theme is “every ornament my five kids have ever made in school.” ? It’ll get more sophisticated as they grow, I’m sure!

    1. That is one of the BEST themes out there if you ask me! I’m slowly collecting those as my little ones get bigger. I’m thinking I may need two trees in the future!

  2. That gorgeous tree looks like it came right out of a Christmas special on TV. You are a design wizard Amy! I’m gonna use some of these awesome tips and create something that’s hopefully at least half as beautiful as your work of art! Or can you just come over LOL?! Seriously, you are crazy talented!

    1. You are too sweet Cendu! Decorating for the holidays has always been one of my favorite things to do!

  3. Such fancy trees! Absolutely beautiful!
    We already put our trees up. I agree, “The longer I can have my decorations out, the better!”
    Merry Christmas! 🙂

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone! I think Christmas spirit brings joy and we all need a little more of that!

  4. What a beautiful tree! You really have a talent! My tree always looks like such a mess.

    1. Thank you so much! I personally think all trees are so beautiful no matter what, so I’m sure yours is perfect for your family!

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