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2019 Cypress Half Marathon Race Recap
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2019 Cypress Half Marathon Race Recap

This is my Cypress Half Marathon race recap. All about how the race itself is put on and how I felt along the way. Spoiler alert: I crossed the finish line!

Back in the day, race recaps were my jam. No seriously, check out the races tab on my blog. There are now 23 half marathons, 2 30Ks, 2 full marathons and several obstacle course races and shorter races with awesome recaps for proof!

Since becoming a mother, the number of races I’ve done has decreased but my love for running hasn’t faded. The last race I ran was in February of this year and it didn’t get the recap it deserved. Until this past weekend, when I ran the Cypress Half Marathon in Cypress, TX! I didn’t set out to get a new PR, but instead it was a chance to get one of my Dopey Challenge Training runs done alongside some other runners and get a medal at the end! Way better than a typical training run if you ask me.

I ran the first 10 miles of this race with my friend Rachael who is also running Dopey with me in January. We get together for one run a month since we live about an hour away. This month’s run was the Cypress Half Marathon!

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Cypress Half Marathon

Pre Cypress Half Marathon selfie!

Race Parking and Starting Line

The race itself was great! There was plenty of parking in lots around the high school where it started and finished. Port-o-potties were all around the start and finish for before the race and fully stocked with toilet paper. If you’ve ever been in one before a race with no TP, you know how great it is when a race site is fully stocked!

The starting area was clearly marked, and there were signs to help designating a starting spot based on pace. Rachael and I found the 2:30 starting point and got settled!Like I said earlier, we went into this race as a training run, not actually running our hardest. Rachael has been dealing with a foot injury and we have our eyes set on Dopey 2020. No need to push too hard and worry about more injury!

2019 Cypress Half Marathon course

Race Aid Stations

The race had its first water stop around mile 1. Part of me thought, man this first aid station is kind of early, will they be spread out enough? I’m happy to say that they were! My biggest fear for a race is that there won’t be enough water. Houston races are notoriously hot and humid, so water is a must.

The Cypress Half Marathon did not disappoint with aid stations! There was both water and Gatorade at each stop with lots of cheerful volunteers. There were so many stops that I never was wishing for another stop or felt thirsty. I alternated water and Gatorade at each stop to stay hydrated and keep my electrolytes up.

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2019 Cypress Half Marathon, 5k & Kids k

Running Our Race

As the start gun went out, we set out to run our race! Like I said before, we started around the 2:30 finish range. As usual, a lot of people took off at the beginning. We were sure to start of slower with a steady pace. It’s so easy to take off with all the adrenaline running through your veins.

We saw JP and my kids right around the start which always gives me motivation! After they saw us start, their plan was to get close to the 10 mile marker to cheer us on when we needed it!

For this race, we ran a 4:30/1:30 Galloway Method run/walk intervals. Usually we wouldn’t have our walk interval so long, but since we’re preparing for the craziness that is Dopey, our walk intervals are a bit longer and run intervals a bit shorter. This is also helpful for Rachael’s foot! We kept trucking along for the 10 miles stopping at each aid station for water and trying to maintain a steady pace.

Parting Ways

Just before mile 10, Rachael was starting to hurt pretty bad and she told me that she needed to slow down. It was going to be hard for me to slow down more at that point as I was ready to take off and run. When we saw our guys and the kids, I decided to take off while Rachael slowed down.

Running with my best little running buddy around mile 10 of the Cypress Half Marathon!

Chloe wanted to run with her mommy, so JP captured this sweet shot of us before she had to get back into the jogging stroller. Since I was going to continue on with the race on my own and JP needed to get back to the finish somehow, he decided to run with me!

Cypress Half Marathon 2019

It was nice to have him and the kids alongside me while I pushed myself harder for the final 3 miles. Props to JP for running my pace with the double jogger!

It felt good to push a little harder for the remainder of the race! I felt so bad parting ways with Rachael, but I think it was best for both of us.

The Finish Line

2019 Cypress Half Marathon finish line photo! #halfmarathon #running #runningmotivation

As we approached the finish line, I was pushing my hardest. JP bailed just before the final finishing stretch so that I could cross the finish line by myself!

It had been about 9 months since I crossed a race finish line and I forgot just how amazing it feels when you do! A runner’s high is a real thing and the sense of accomplishment is enough to send you soaring.

Rachael crossed the finish a few minutes after me and we got our medals and long sleeve tech finishers shirts! I do love good race swag!

Post race medals, swag and snack make running even more worth it!

Afterwards we grabbed some post race waters, snacks and pizza inside the high school. It was nice to have tables to sit at and be out of the cold while recovering from the run.

As always, we loaded up shortly after our recovery pizza to head to brunch. It’s tradition to get brunch together after a long run and we weren’t going to skip!

A great race overall!

I really enjoyed the Cypress Half Marathon! It was a wonderful race that was put together so well. I felt like they had everything all together and running smoothly which is so important for a half marathon. The Cypress Half Marathon is one of three races in the Bayou City Half Marathon Series and now I’m thinking about signing up for the other two!

Now to continue training for Dopey! Next long run is 15 miles followed by 18 the next weekend. Wish us luck!

What is the longest race you’ve ever run?

Would you ever consider running a half marathon?

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The 2019 Cypress Half Marathon was a great race! I would run it again and again. Take a look at my race recap to see how my journey went and what I thought about the race.
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