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Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling When Pregnant
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Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling When Pregnant

Traveling when pregnant. Now many of my readers may not be able to relate to traveling when pregnant since you’re either not pregnant, not planning to be pregnant, never getting pregnant again, you’re a man, etc. But I figured if it doesn’t apply to you, hopefully you can share with someone in your life! Babymoon’s are totally a thing these days and you don’t have to stay close to home or do something you’ve done before just because you’re pregnant. I believe that as long as you’re cleared by your doctor, traveling when pregnant is fun!

During my two pregnancies I’ve traveled overseas twice, driven across country at 34 weeks pregnant, taken trains, planes and automobiles. I’ve pulled together some of the do’s and don’ts of traveling when pregnant to help you plan your getaway, work trip, babymoon or whatever adventure you’re going on. You can also check out my trimester by trimester guide to traveling when pregnant!

Thinking about traveling while pregnant? Follow these tips to help you have the most comfortable, fun and safe trip possible! #travelwhilepregnant #pregnanttraveltips #tipsfortravelingwhilepregnant

Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling when Pregnant

Do: Wear compression socks on your trip.

Whether traveling on the road or in the air, compression socks help with circulation which you’ll need while sitting for an extended amount of time. They’re fairly inexpensive and you can find them at Walmart or on Amazon.

Don’t: Try to dress up while traveling.

You’re pregnant. This is the time to wear your comfortable clothes especially when you may be in a less than comfortable position like sitting on an airplane. In fact, keep this in mind when packing your trip wardrobe. You want to look cute, but don’t compromise cute for comfort when traveling. Days are often longer and you’re likely to move more than you anticipate.

Do: Get up and walk around as often as possible.

If you can get up and move at least once an hour, you’ll thank yourself later. You will reduce swelling and feel better all around. Yes, even on a two hour flight try to walk at least once. Go to the potty and take a lap up and down the aisle before sitting down. If you’re on a car trip, you’ll need to take more potty breaks, so make sure to walk around while you pit stop.

Don’t: Let discomfort get the best of you.

There is always something you can do to make the best of your travel journey. If you’re road tripping, take an extra pit stop! You should definitely plan for a couple of extras along the way if you’re taking a pregnant road trip. You think you’ll take 2, assume there will really be 3! If you’re flying, get up and walk a couple of laps up and down the aisle then stand by your row and stretch. You can also always go back to the flight attendants and ask for water. They’ve always happily given it to me!

Do: Pack lots of snacks.

You’re pregnant and hungry. Don’t go too long without eating to where you get hangry. Trust me, been there, done that, not fun at all!

Don’t: Forget to drink lots of water!

Whether you’re driving or flying, you need extra water to reduce swelling! Just like I mentioned above, if you’re flying at any point you can always ask the flight attendants for water. They’ll happily give you some! Any time they walk by with the beverage cart or a tray of water drink a cup and don’t hesitate to ask for two. This also goes for once you get to your destination. Drink water with each meal and pack a water bottle to fill up and carry around with you each day.

Do: Take advantage of all the walking you do.

If you’re anything like me, traveling means being busy, busy, busy! We walk everywhere. While it can be tiring, it’s so good for you when you’re pregnant. Instead of taking a cab or public transportation, take advantage of walking when the weather is nice. You won’t regret it and you’ll feel better about yourself.

Don’t: Forget to take some time to stretch in the evenings.

If you’re on your feet all day or even if you spent most of the day relaxing on the beach, take some time to stretch before bed. You’ll wake up with your body feeling better and ready to take on the day the next morning. I highly recommend looking up some prenatal yoga videos on Youtube. Here’s a link to one of my favorites.

Do: Take lots of bump pictures!

You’ll want to remember your pregnant body one day, so don’t be afraid to strike a pose with your baby! I know we don’t always feel comfortable in our pregnant skin, but you’ll regret it if you don’t. Plus it’s a great way to remember your adventures and you can share it with your baby one day.

Don’t: Be afraid to try new things.

You’re pregnant not disabled! Just because you haven’t done something before, doesn’t mean you can’t do it…within reason of course. Obviously don’t do things not recommended for pregnant women and stay within your comfort zone, but be sure to have fun!

Do: Let people know you’re pregnant when there are long lines or uncomfortable temperatures.

Many places will allow pregnant women to go in a handicap entrance or allow you inside earlier when you’re pregnant. Every place is different, so they may say there is nothing they can do. I will say that if you happen to be traveling in Europe, they’re very good at accommodating pregnant women.

Don’t: Be afraid to ask for your husband/partner’s help.

If you’re traveling with your partner, ask for their help. Do you need to sit on a bench and take a break? Send him/her to wait in line for that snack or drink you need. Is your back or your feet killing you after a few days of going nonstop? Ask for that back/foot rub. Did you bring your toddler with you? See if your partner will push the stroller or tend to their needs.

They are your partner and are probably more willing to help you out then you know! Quick husband brag: JP has always been amazing about making sure I take breaks, eat food, get back rubs and the time I need to recover each day when we’re traveling. He knows to make sure I’m always fed and well rested so we can have an enjoyable day!

Do: Rock the bump and the attention that comes with it!

You’re going to get looks when you’re pregnant and traveling, trust me. Some places less than others, but there are certain cultures that expect pregnant women to be at home, off their feet and growing a baby. I’ve never had anyone say anything to my face, but I’ve seen the stares and the whispers that follow. Instead of thinking they’re saying anything negative, I like to believe they’re thinking, “What a rockstar momma that’s traveling with her toddler and husband when pregnant!”

Don’t: Overdo it each day.

Remember your limits, you’re pregnant after all. If you overdo it at the beginning of your trip, you may struggle later on. During all of our pregnant vacations, we’ve planned a midday stop back at our hotel to rest for a least an hour or two before heading out again. It makes the evenings more enjoyable, and you may even be able to stay out a little later this way. Remember to kick your feet up during that break to reduce swelling.

Do: Have fun and enjoy your trip!

Whether its a quick weekend getaway or two weeks away in Europe, enjoy the time you have away. Live in the moment and do everything you wanted to do while away from home. If you just want to relax, then relax away. If you want to get out and explore, be sure to check out all of the sights. Whatever you do, enjoy it because we all know that life will change drastically once baby arrives!

There you have it! Just some of my dos and don’ts to traveling when pregnant! I’m not saying that I’m an expert by any means, but I’ve definitely learned a lot from our two European adventures while pregnant. Also traveling from Houston to the mountains in North Carolina and then back at 34 weeks pregnant last time was quite the adventure. I’m sure there are many, many more out there and I’d love y’alls input!

What other dos or don’ts do you have for traveling when pregnant?

I’ll be heading out on a little road trip this weekend with my family, so I’m always looking for what works for others too!

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  1. We love traveling and these are great tips! The next Time I’m pregnant again, I def want to take more bump pics! I didn’t do enough for my firstborn becuz I was more anxious since it was so new to me. The second time will be a lot easier I think 🙂

    1. Yes! I was the same way with my first and felt much more relaxed during my second pregnancy. Be sure to document when the times comes because you’ll love looking back on it!

  2. These are such unique tips! Definitely not things I would have thought of when I was pregnant – especially the compression socks! Thanks!

  3. Thank you for the tips! Some of these I did not even consider! So helpful!

    1. I’m glad you thought they were helpful! My husband and I travel a lot and I didn’t want that to stop during pregnancy as long as the doctor gave us the okay!

  4. Thanks for sharing this list of tips for traveling while pregnant. I wouldn’t have thought of these. I didn’t travel while pregnant with my first child, but who knows what the future holds. I enjoy traveling, so will keep this in mind.

    1. If you ever find yourself pregnant and traveling, I hope that this helps in some way! So many women are afraid to travel when pregnant, but as long as your doctor says it’s okay, I say do it!

  5. I’m currently pregnant and traveling! Definitely second having all the snacks available! I never know when I’ll be hungry these days and I don’t want to waste money buying things while out! Love your tips!

    1. That’s amazing! Some women think I’m crazy for traveling so much while pregnant, but I say, do it NOW! It’ll only get harder right?

  6. These are great do’s and don’ts of traveling when pregnant. I was always so sick while pregnant I didn’t do much traveling. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh that’s so hard. My sister was also very sick while pregnant so traveling was hard for her as well!

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