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Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Do y’all ever have those days that you have a million thoughts running around in your mind that you just want to let out somewhere? When you think about letting them out you realize you don’t have anywhere to put said thoughts/ideas/stories/etc? I definitely do, but I realize that I have somewhere to put them! Not only that, I used to share these random thoughts in this space more often back in the day. Since pregnancy brain has my thoughts scattered and strewn about, I thought it would be fun to just throw out some of the things at the front of my mind this week. Here goes nothing…

  • I still can’t get over how excited I am that my sister is having a BABY BOY TOO! I’ve been keeping it a huge secret over here since they were waiting until they knew the gender to announce their pregnancy. I’ve been itching to share the news since the moment I found out the day before Easter! {I did share on Facebook and Instagram finally this past weekend!} Emily and I have talked about being pregnant together before. It was one of those things that we always hoped would happen, but didn’t know if our timelines would line up. It turns out they did and we are 9.5 weeks apart. She’s due just 2 months after me and I couldn’t be more excited! When they told us, I literally screamed and then happy cried because I was so overwhelmed with joy. We found out this past weekend that they’re also having a boy and I can’t wait! These baby boys are going to grow up together and be the best of friends. Below on the left is the day Emily and Matt told us and we were 9 and 19 weeks. On the right is from their gender reveal  and we were 18 and 28 weeks! 

  • Nesting is no joke. I’ve been itching to change things in my house, redecorate, clean and make everything perfect. The only problem is that redecorating is (a) not necessary and (b) costs money. Don’t get me wrong we have the money, but remember point a? Yeah, it’s not necessary. I’m trying to change things up and put things in different places to make it feel new and fresh to me. I’m also DYING to work on the nursery, but I don’t want to spend money on it until after my shower which is at the end of this month!
  • Why is it so hard to get my toddler to answer my questions? I’ve decided that her favorite thing to do is ignore me. Especially when I ask if she needs to go potty after seeing her hold her vagina or what she wants to eat/drink after telling me she’s hungry/thirsty. I know, I’m totally unreasonable and such a prying mom. I can already hear her telling me how annoying I am in a year or two.
  • Summer is too hot in the south. I know it’s what we get for mild winters, but it’s too hot for a pregnant lady. If I don’t get outside for a walk in the early morning, it’s probably not going to happen. It’s 80+ degrees by 8:00am and scorching 100+ degree heat index by the afternoon. It’s only the beginning of June, so I’m definitely in for it. Watch out pool, here we come.
  • Yesterday was Global Running Day! I’ve post about this day in the past, but it kind of snuck up on me this year. It didn’t help that I haven’t exactly been running a ton lately. I’m more of a walker or a walk/jogger these days! But I have got some runs in and I’m proud to say that I’m still running in my 3rd trimester!!! I tackled 2.75 miles yesterday doing 1/4 mile walk and run intervals. That seems to be the way my body can handle it these days. I don’t pay attention to pace just how my body is feeling. I’m quite slow and okay with it because I’m still running!
  • Yesterday, I cried over spilt coffee. Okay this is more of a story than a thought. I really did cry over spilt coffee. Like I poured a big cup of it, accidentally knocked it over and spilled it everywhere. I then proceeded to bawl my eyes out. Thanks 3rd trimester hormones! Chloe was a little worried for me and later told her daddy that they needed to go buy mommy more coffee. JP actually took her to the grocery store and they bought me a big jug of Starbucks coffee. My baby girl and husband love me so much and spoil me rotten. I could definitely do without these crazy pregnancy hormones though. So irrational!
  • Breakfast is the greatest meal of the day. Speaking of coffee, breakfast is seriously the most amazing meal with the most amazing food. I find myself constantly wanting breakfast foods lately. Yogurt with fruit and granola. Pancakes. Smoothies. Cereal and milk. More pancakes. Omelets. Toast with peanut butter or jam. All the carbs pretty much. I brunched with my friend Ashley and got a pancake flight from Snooze AM Eatery and I’m still dreaming about how rich and delicious they were! Below from left to right: Sweet potato pancake, I want sum’oa pankcake and Peanut butter cup pancake. All delicious and life changing.
  • Did you know that in utero babies can kick with up to 10 pounds of force? I didn’t know this specific fact until watching a video the other day, but I can tell you that I don’t doubt it one bit! This little guy is a kickboxing, back flipping, ninja gymnast that appears to be trying to test his boundaries from every angle possible these days. I’m wrapping up with this thought simply because he is tumbling in there right now and I can’t stop thinking about it! 

So these are some of the many random thoughts that have been going through my head as of late. I would say the not listening toddler, summer heat and love of breakfast have been at the front of my mind and quite recurring these days. Clearly I’m spending a lot of time inside with my toddler dreaming of breakfast…or something along those lines.

What are some of the random thoughts rolling around in your mind lately?
Do you ever just need a place to put all of them? 

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