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Monday’s Need Disney Magic
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Monday’s Need Disney Magic

Do your Monday need a little magic? Maybe you have the Monday blues after a fabulous weekend? Maybe you’re in just a fine mood, but could still use a little magic? Maybe you’re having a great morning, but you can always use a pick me up? No matter what kind of mood you’re in, I know that this post won’t dampen your day that’s for sure.

I won’t go into crazy detail about everything that we did on our first day at Disneyland Paris. Instead I’ll give you lots of pictures and a quick run down on the highlights of our day! We didn’t get to the parks until about 2:00pm and we stayed until close to 7:00pm since Chloe was exhausted from an early morning, lots of travel and a busy day.

Since we were traveling, I didn’t come prepared with all of my Disney accessories! I was bummed to be missing my beloved ears, but at least I had my Disney Lula, sunglasses and this adorable Apple Watch bow from Mouse on Main Street!

We decided to start at the smaller Walt Disney Studios park. Those of you who don’t know much about Disneyland Paris, there are two parks: Disneyland Park {similar to Magic Kingdom} and Walt Disney Studios {similar to Hollywood Studios}. Walt Disney Studios is significantly smaller, but there is still plenty to do! For starters, they already have Toy Story Land!

Everything here is giant because you’ve obviously shrunk down to toy size! You can ride several rides like the army men parachute drop, slinky dog coaster and the RC car racer. Chloe was excited to ride the Slinky Dog because we learned in Norway that she loves little kid coasters!

 Since I’m pregnant, there were quite a few rides that I couldn’t ride. It didn’t bother me at all though. Let’s be real, going around a circular, jerky track multiple times doesn’t exactly sound fun and exciting to a pregnant lady! Besides, this way I got lots of cute pictures including a selfie with my boy Rex!

Next up, Toon Studio to meet our girl Minnie Mouse! Her line was kind of long, but we couldn’t pass up meeting her with our girl rocking her Minnie dress. Since it was hot and the sun was intense, we decided that popsicles were the perfect solution to the heat and the wait.

Unfortunately Chloe was quite tired and getting a little overheated by the time we met Minnie and she was not about her at all. I was a little bummed, but what can you do?! We still have pictures and her surly face will make for great stories when she’s older. 

Also while we were meeting Minnie, the character attendant told us about the pregnancy card which ended up being a life saver. I’ll tell y’all more about it in a later post, but we were able to get time stamps on our card to come back later so that I didn’t have to stand in long lines. It was magical and I felt like a princess!

One neat thing about Walt Disney Studios Park is that there are tons of places that you can pose and snap pictures on your own! Anyone who knows me, knows that Monsters Inc is my favorite movie, so I was super excited about becoming a 2319! Don’t worry, we came back later when we were rocking our Monster’s Inc outfits!

Chloe and I also got some cute shots while JP was riding Rockin’ Roller Coaster! I was super jealous because that’s one of my favorite rides.

While waiting, I also discovered this amazing Snapchat filter that I couldn’t stop taking pictures with that day!

I mean, y’all. I’m so obsessed with her!

Another neat thing is that several rides have viewing platforms where you can go and take pictures of your family while they’re riding. How neat is that? I was able to capture this adorable one on Aladdin’s magic carpets!

The best part about Walt Disney Studios is the Animagique Theatre! They’re currently showing a Mickey and the Magician that includes several of your Disney favorites. It’s about 30 minutes and in an air conditioned theatre. It’s a nice escape from being outside and the show itself was great. Chloe was absolutely mesmerized!

We were hungry around 6:00pm and there weren’t too many dinner options in Walt Disney Studios Park, so we walked on over to Disneyland Park for dinner, a few rides and some pictures!

Again they had TONS of photo op locations all throughout the park. It was so fun! They even open up areas that usually have characters earlier in the day for people to use later in the day. The one above is actually where Donald hangs out!

We grabbed some pizza for a quick dinner and hit up It’s a Small World! You can never go wrong with this one.

Next we ran around and played in Alice’s Labyrinth, but this is about the time that Chloe decided she was over it.

I’m a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan, so I still played and explored until the end. Fun Fact: I was in the play Alice in Wonderland in high school. I played the Queen of Hearts. She’s kind of my fave.

There was a tower at the end of the maze and just check out this amazing view!

We did leave after the maze, but first a quick castle selfie and a little treat for the road.

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down after all!

There you have it! Our first magical afternoon at Disneyland Paris! I have so many more pictures, adventures and tips to come. This is just a tease compared to everything we were able to do during our time there. I hope these pictures were able to brighten someone’s mood today! They made me happy that’s for sure!

Who is your favorite Disney character?
What is your favorite Disney or Pixar movie?

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