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24 Week Bumpdate!

24 Week Bumpdate!

It’s time for another bumpdate! Things have been going pretty well around here for the last two weeks. Since my last bumpdate, we went to Disneyland Paris, flew home to Houston, spent some time getting back into the swing of things and actually did something really big and exciting last night. You’ll have to stay tuned on my Instagram to see just what’s going on!

How Far Along? 
24 weeks today!
Size of Baby: 
Baby is as big as a cantaloupe! Which is funny because I’ve been loving cantaloupe lately. {So has Chloe! We ate one in 2 days!} He’s almost a foot long and is gaining weight rapidly! He gained about 4-6 oz in the last week and will continue to do so for the next several weeks. Right now he’s probably weighing in around 1.3 lbs.
Weight Gain:
This one is up for debate. I’ll find out officially at my appointment this morning so I may be changing it this afternoon. My scale has been all over the place since getting back from Europe. I’ve been retaining a ton of fluid some days, so I’m going to talk to my doctor about it. Anyway, since I know it’s something people love to know and I’m not one to shy away from telling the truth, I’m up about 15-17 lbs depending on the day. 17 on the super swollen days and 15 on my good days. I’m in the completely healthy weight gain range and I’m not worried about it, but it did go up quite a bit the last few weeks. Oooops! I’m really hungry, what can I say? On the plus side, I don’t have any stretch marks!
This is my temporary weekly picture! I snapped this on a walk yesterday and plan to take our “official” one later today!

Maternity Clothes:
I’m wearing pre-pregnancy shirts with a few maternity ones thrown in, but as far as shorts and jeans are concerned, I’m maternity all the way! The belly bands and rubber band tricks really aren’t cutting it for me. I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy workout bottoms, but some of the waist bands are starting to fold under my belly a bit. 
I mentioned in my weight gain section about the swelling and that’s definitely a symptom for me. It’s mostly in my lower body in the morning and lessens as the day goes on. I’m also dealing with dizziness occasionally. This happened when I was pregnant with Chloe too. I actually blacked out yesterday morning while doing a little prenatal yoga. No fun at all! Last thing I’ll complain about is my back pain. It’s back and not going anywhere hence the reason I’ve been trying to do more yoga and stretching. 
Cereal and milk, granola and yogurt, TACOS, and I’m still into buffalo chicken but I haven’t had it in a while!
It’s still a boy! 🙂
I’ve been feeling pretty good and positive lately. My anxiety has subsided quite a bit and I think that feeling him move has really helped with that!
Here’s a sneak peek at what this little man’s nursery is going to look like! I picked up the pillow and lamp below from Target before our trip and I have the sheets and cute little dino blocks on my registry. Chloe’s big girl bed and new dresser are coming this Friday, so that means her crib and dresser will be moving into the nursery this week. Once we get those, I think things will start coming together!
Oh yes! This little guy moves around like crazy! I feel him more and more each week. His kicks and punches are starting to get stronger, and he’s starting to make more rolling movements. Luckily they’re still cute and not uncomfortable yet!
I’m so exhausted in the evenings that I’m falling asleep on the couch before 9:00pm. I wake up somewhere between 6-7am every day no matter what. Everything in between is hit or miss. Some nights I sleep like a rock and some nights I’m in and out all night.

I’ve been doing pretty good on this front lately. My latest go tos are running outside while the weather is still cool enough, my cycle and strength classes and prenatal yoga. I haven’t taken any classes, but I’ve been practicing at home 3-4 times per week. Here’s what my last week looked like:
Wednesday: Rest! First day back from Europe
Thursday: 4 rounds Tabata
Friday: 3.2 mile run, 20 minute yoga
Saturday: 3.5 mile run
Sunday: Cleaning out and reorganizing the garage {totally a workout!}, 20 minute yoga
Monday: 45 minute cycle class, 6 rounds Tabata
Tuesday: 4 mile run
Wednesday: 2 mile walk, 15 minute yoga
What I Miss:
Sleeping comfortably and through the night. Also being able to sit and relax comfortably. Something always seems to end up aching and it’s usually my back.

Belly Button in or out?
It’s pretty much flat right now. Not quite an outtie yet, but I only give it a few more weeks!

Labor Signs:
None here. Occasional Braxton Hicks, like one every few days. Let’s keep it this way for at least 14-16 more weeks!

Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Raw chicken, Chinese food and the smell of fish. Yuck. 

Best Moments The Past Weeks:
Traveling with my family! We had the best time in Amsterdam and at Disneyland Paris. I haven’t gotten to post about Disney quite yet, but here are my Amsterdam posts in case y’all are interested.

i amsterdam | Keukenhof Gardens | Amsterdam Markets

Also we may have done something kind of huge last night! Check out my Instagram this afternoon to see what’s happening around here!

Looking forward to:
Mother’s Day, my husbands 32nd birthday and heading to Chicago in a few weeks to see my best friend and celebrate her daughter’s 2nd birthday and the royal wedding!

There you have it! Lots going on and happening the past few weeks! I have (or had depending on when you’re reading this) my monthly appointment this morning and will do the glucose screening. Just a few more weeks and I’ll be entering my 3rd trimester!
What were your biggest complaints around 24 weeks pregnant?
Did you feel like your second (or 3rd or 4th) pregnancy was similar or completely different from your first? I think for my next bumpdate, I may do a compare and contrast between my two pregnancies to see how they differ. I’m so thankful I have those bumpdates from 3 years ago!

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