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That one time I bought a car {+ a workout}
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That one time I bought a car {+ a workout}

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have figured out that last week I BOUGHT A NEW CAR! Well technically it’s not brand new, but it’s new to me. I absolutely love my new, bigger mom wheels.

Finding the Right Car

We went out last Wednesday evening planning to test drive several different midsize SUVs with 3 rows. I had a few stipulations for my new car. I needed three rows with captain’s seats in the middle row, rear view camera, bluetooth compatible and enough space in the back even if the third row was up. Some features that weren’t mandatory, but would be nice to have were leather seats and remote start. I think I may have had some others, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

Test Driving Chevys

We went to our first dealership and tested the Chevy Traverse which was my original top pick. We really liked it. Like I mean, we really liked the car and everything it had to offer. One downside was that in order to get everything that I wanted, we would have to get the second to top of the line model. It was still within our budget, but at the very top. We knew that we could get a discount with JP’s company and were still willing to pay the price since we liked the Traverse so much. {Definitely go and test drive if you’re in the market for a larger SUV but don’t want a Tahoe or Denali.} We left there feeling pretty good about it and talking about when we would go back.

Test Driving GMCs

Next stop was a GMC Buick dealership to check out the GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave. We were able to look at the Acadia and Enclave side by side which was really helpful. It allowed us to see the size and space difference in the two. For those of you looking for a new car, the new Acadia’s are quite a bit smaller. The vehicle itself is narrower and they hacked off several inches from the back of the car which cut out the trunk space. That trunk space is valuable for us since we’ll have two kids and two labs to tote around. Plus if we’re going on a trip, add luggage and there just wouldn’t be room. The good thing is that we were able to knock the Acadia off of our list right then and there.

Then it was time to talk more about the Enclave. The sales rep asked me if I had to have a new car or if I was open to looking at a gently used 2017. I got super excited when he asked this because JP and I talked about getting something slightly used just because new cars depreciate so much as you drive them off the lot.

That was when he showed us this beauty. It was previously used occasionally by the manager and only had 4500 miles on it. Practically nothing and in excellent condition.

We decided to take it out for a spin to see how it felt, and that’s when I fell in love. It is the smoothest car I’ve ever driven, and I loved the way the gas and brake felt. For whatever reason, it just felt right. After the test drive, JP and I were comparing mental notes. The Enclave was my favorite and he liked the Traverse just a little bit more, but was good with whatever I wanted.  

We talked to our sales rep and were thinking that we’d part ways and touch base over the weekend, but then he asked if we wanted to just see what we could get for JP’s old Hyundai Santa Fe. We said why not just so we would have an idea. After a bit, they came back with a $2500 offer for the Santa Fe, and what the cost of this particular 2017 Enclave would be with the trade in. It was definitely a good price and slightly below our budget, but we were comfortable enough to walk away from it and possibly come back in a day or so after sleeping on it.

Making a Deal

Then he asked what would they need to do so that we couldn’t walk away. We were kind of talking it over when he said he’d be right back and he went and talked to his boss. He came back with an offer we couldn’t refuse. They were going to offer us $9000 for the Santa Fe plus we’d be able to get the $2000 instant rebate through GM plus we could get employee pricing thanks to my cousin Dan! Shout out to Dan, you rock! They also said they could upgrade all of my seats to leather for just $1000. Ummmm….what? So naturally we needed to talk about it.

We went out to the car to talk and call my cousin to make sure we really were getting an awesome deal. Turns out we DEFINITELY did! While out there, I sat in every single seat of the car to make sure there was plenty of room and it was comfortable. I had JP get Chloe’s car seat to test how it fit and how the back seat felt with the chair in its necessary position. While he did that, I played with the stereo, the dials, all the gadgets I could get my hands on to make sure this is really what I wanted. I was feeling a bit shocked because it was getting real and we DID NOT plan on buying a car that day.

My New Car

In the end, it was a deal that I really couldn’t pass up. It was a car that I really liked and knew I could love once it was my own and I really got to know it. So we just did it! We bought a car on the first official day of car shopping! I say official because I had been doing a lot of research over the past 4 months and talking about it even more.

I’m so excited about my new car and after a week, I definitely love it. It’s so easy to drive, I’ve got my bluetooth all set up and it feels like mine! Now in just over 3 months, we’ll be adding another car seat and baby to drive around in it.

A Prenatal Workout for Anyone

Speaking of a baby coming, I’ve been doing pretty good with my prenatal workouts, but I realized I haven’t shared one lately! I’ve come up with a few different “Pregnant Girl’s Guide” workouts focusing on different areas of the body. Today I’ve got a great abs and butt for y’all to enjoy!

**Also let’s note that this workout isn’t just for pregnant women. It’s an awesome low impact workout for anyone looking to tone at home. I’m just targeting it towards pregnant women because well, I’m pregnant. Plus putting pregnant or prenatal in the title helps pregnant ladies to know that it’s safe for them to give it a go!**

Here are some links to short videos explaining and demonstrating the moves:
Walking lunges
Donkey kicks
Side bends
Plie squat pulse
Fire hydrants
Squat front kicks

You can stay fit throughout your pregnancy! Make sure you confirm with your doctor that you’re able to continue working out. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, concerns or modifications. I’m happy to help!

Now I’m off to drive my pretty new car to meet a friend for a walk and then run some errands with my little helper!

Have you gone in to test drive and come out with a new car?
What’s your favorite car buying story?

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