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Easter Weekend 2018

Easter Weekend 2018

Easter 2018, the year that Chloe was the saddest little girl every time an Easter egg hunt ended. Yes, instead of getting a cute, smiling picture of my little girl post hunt, I got pouty pics. Granted the first picture is after the HEB egg hunt and the HEBuddy grocery bag guy totally freaked her out. She was fine with the creepiest Easter Bunny I’ve seen, but not the man in a giant grocery bag costume. Such is life. At least she had the best time hunting eggs over the past few days! I thought I’d post all the pictures from our special Easter weekend.

We started with the HEB egg hunt at 9:00am on Friday morning!

It started okay fine and dandy, but once the kids were released, Chloe was overwhelmed. She is a little girl who definitely likes her personal space. Hers was definitely encroached upon by a little boy who kind of followed her around grabbing the eggs around wherever we put her. It was kind of frustrating, but what can you do? She’s still only 2 1/2, so on the younger side of a 0-4 age group. In the end, she still got some eggs and loved hiding them over and over again in our backyard.

Friday night was our street’s 4th annual Kegs and Eggs party! This is our second Kegs and Eggs and we just love our neighbors. It starts with lots of food and of course a keg! Obviously I didn’t partake in the keg, but I was definitely exercising my ability to eat. {Unfortunately, I’ve been doing that a heck of a lot lately. This little boy has me all sorts of hungry!} Once the whole gang has arrived, the egg hunts begin. We have 3 age groups: 0-2, 3-4, and 5 & up. Since some of the youngest kiddos on the street were gone this weekend, it was only Chloe and Cameron in the 0-2 age group! Cameron just wanted to go play in the street, so we threw some eggs in his basket while Chloe ran around.

We had the 0-2 egg hunt in our yard, which I think Chloe liked because she’s all about being somewhere completely familiar to her.

Not only do we have kid egg hunts, but we have an adult one too! Since I’m pregnant and most of the adult eggs last year were booze based, we decided not to participate. I did get to snap a couple pictures through! This year ended up being way more tame than last year. Less booze and less raunchy goodies in the eggs. It was still fun and we’ll definitely partake again next year!

Saturday was a pool day spent at my parents’ house! We ate watermelon, went for our first swim of the season, filled Easter eggs, ate burgers and stuffed Easter baskets. The whole family was there except Ben’s wife Corbette because she had to work. We were too busy having fun, so the only pictures we got involved watermelon because we have a great love for watermelon in our family!

And in case you’re wondering, yes the pool was COLD! That didn’t stop us though. I also found a way to lay on pool floats that also allows me to tan my back. I’m not sure how long it’ll last, so I may be investing in a pregnancy float this time around.

Easter Sunday started dark and early. We decided to go to 7:30am mass for the sake of avoiding crowds and chaos of all the holiday churchgoers! I’m so glad we did, but getting our sleeping beauty up at 6:30 was a task. Luckily the Easter bunny came, so she was quickly excited!

The cookie basket was actually from Kate {my SIL} and her boyfriend Nathan who weren’t able to make it down for Easter this year!

After mass, we all headed back to my parents’ house and took the traditional post church Easter pictures!

After pictures, we ate breakfast and dyed Easter eggs before JP’s parents arrived. Then our parents hid the Easter eggs while the “kids” went upstairs and held a ping pong tournament. Ben went completely undefeated though I like to think I gave him solid competition. He was probably going easy on be because I’m pregnant!

Every year we have an Easter egg hunt. Egg hunts aren’t just for kids, they’re for adults too! We have a blast searching my parents’ yard for goodies. Especially since there is money up for grabs! This year there were six $20s, some $5s, some $1s and some big change eggs. It turned out that everyone ended up with a $20 bill this year. It’s usually not that even, but it was awesome.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, catching up, eating way too much and just being together. Holidays with my family are my absolute favorite. We were so lucky to be able to spend this Easter with both mine and JP’s parents! As Chloe gets older everything just seems to get better and better. Plus next year, there will be another little one to add to all of the fun. The more grandbabies for our parents, the better!

Now today is a post holiday Monday blah day. Luckily I have work to pick me up and get me feeling better. I could definitely use a good workout after all the food that I’ve eaten the past 3 days!!!

What are your Easter traditions? 
I love hearing what everyone else does with their family!

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