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I slept in my own bed + {19 week bumpdate}
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I slept in my own bed + {19 week bumpdate}

Guess what?! Last night, I finally slept in my own bed for the first time in 16 nights! Now if you’re traveling this may seem normal, but we weren’t. I was in the same area as my house, but I just couldn’t sleep there because we’ve been having the whole thing painted. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but you don’t understand just quite the enormity of this task until you see my house. We did the ceilings, walls and all of the trim which includes stairs, closets, shelves and of course, my cabinets!

Painting Update!

Here’s a great compare/contrast of just how beige our walls were. This is the ceiling painted white and the pink/yellowish beige is what we originally had on walls and ceilings.

As of Tuesday evening, they were done with the ceiling, walls and trim. We did a walk through, caught all the little odds and ends and they were finally out of there. The lady working on our cabinets still isn’t quite done. She has another coat to put on the cabinets, then she’ll bring the cabinet doors back from her shop to install. I’m hoping for it to be done by this weekend. We’ll see!

Here’s a look at our bedroom in progress! You can barely see a comparison at the bottom of the wall. We did our walls in Agreeable Gray. The wall you see was accented in a slightly darker shade called Mindful Gray. All of the trim and cabinets were done in Dover White.

Getting our house back together.

Yesterday, JP and I spent a majority of the day trying to get things back in order. We had to vacuum, sweep, swiffer, dust and scrub every surface of our house. Two weeks of painters and working leads to a lot of dust and little messes all around. Yes, they covered everything including my floors, but there is still dust everywhere. It does mean that we are getting a really solid spring cleaning. We’re also able to get rid of random things that have accumulated over the last 16 months that we don’t really need anymore. There is still quite a bit to do, but we’ve gotten most of our downstairs at least back in place.

Here’s a peek at our island! The lighting doesn’t do the color justice. It’s actually a bit lighter in a color called Oceanside Blue. I plan to take photos with my DSLR once everything is complete to share with y’all!

Today my goal is to start putting things back on shelves and the walls. It’s kind of fun since the house feels brand new again. Also, I’m starting to get into that nesting phase, so I’m enjoying making my home my own again. Hopefully next week I’ll have my life back together. Once it’s complete, I’m going to take some nice pictures of how everything turned out to share with y’all! Get excited…I know I am!

Pregnancy Update!

I’m not going to do a full bumpdate today, but I thought it would be fun to give y’all a few details on how this last week as been for me!

About Baby

Baby Boy is the size of a mango! He’s probably about 6 inches long and weighs nearly 8.5 oz.

A protective substance called vernix caseosa now covers his skin. {Vernix is the Latin word for “varnish”; caseosa means “cheese” The more you know!} This keeps his skin protected from the amniotic fluid. This should shed shortly before he is born!

My Symptoms

My biggest symptoms this week are still hunger and now I’m getting some round ligament pain as well as SI joint pain. The round ligament pain is pretty mild and I usually feel it when I’m running or doing more intense exercise. The SI joint pain comes and goes as it pleases. Some days I’m fine and other days I’m aching! I suffered from pretty bad SI joint pain at the end of my last pregnancy as well as after I delivered Chloe. I’m hoping that it doesn’t get that bad again. Unfortunately there isn’t too much I can do about it.
I’m still working out like normal! I do the moderate intensity exercises during my Tabata class and I’ve definitely slowed down when I’m running, but I’m still out there. I’ve been going on lots of walks lately since I was sick and the weather was so nice. I think I added about 13 miles to the baby bank last week!

Next Thursday I get to do my 20 week ultrasound and follow up with my OB, so I’ll probably save my bumpdate for Friday! That way I can share all of my pictures and the exciting details!

Have you ever painted your whole house or highered someone just to paint some of it?
How was your experience? Overall ours was pretty good.

I plan to give some more details once I post our finished product.

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