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Magical Kingdom Monday + {our next big trip!}

Magical Kingdom Monday + {our next big trip!}

Oh what a Magical Monday it is! At least I’m really wanting it to be a magical Monday. I’ve been sick the last few days which is not fun at all especially when pregnant. I’m pretty sure I have a bad case of allergies gone wrong. The pollen in Houston is no joke. I tried to push through and pretend it was just allergies and such, but I think I pushed too hard.

I kind of disappeared last week because I had so much going on. I had some posts half ready to go, but couldn’t quite get them finished. I was single mom-ing it while JP was in London for work, kind of. We were actually staying at my parents’ house, so I had help, but it’s not quite the same. Plus we had to get out of our house so that our painters could start painting the whole thing! Literally the entire interior. Checkout my Instagram Stories to see updates. We’re hoping to be back in our home and putting it back together in the next couple of days.

Now let’s forget about the craziness that was last week and look back to last month when I had the most wonderful time frolicking around Magic Kingdom.

When you’re wearing skirts like these, you naturally frolick wherever you go. How could you not? In case you’re wondering, that lovely lady in Punzie purple is the creative genius behind these skirts! You can check out all of her inventory or even create your own custom design by heading over to her Etsy shop: Pineapple Tree by Rae!

One of my most favorite things to do around Magic Kingdom is walk around, take in all of the magic, and snap all the pictures! Of course I love to ride the rides too, but sometimes waiting in long lines doesn’t sound as appealing when your feet are aching from running all the races. This year we took LOTS of pictures, so I thought it would be fun to share some of the best photo shoot places in Magic Kingdom.

We’re going to start with the most obvious…Cinderella’s Castle!

The thing about Cindy’s Castle is that there are so many places for you to get gorgeous shots. Some will have WAY less people in it if you know where to go. All of the photos above are shot in Main Street as you walk down the main entrance to Magic Kingdom. They’re also all by Photopass Photographers, as are a majority of the pictures in this post. I can’t stress enough how worth it Memory Maker is when planning your Disney trip! Beautiful, high quality pictures without having to worry about who is going to take your pictures or handing your phone over to strangers. Just saying. Anyways, there are tons of different spots along Main Street USA closer and further away from the castle that you can stop at to snap some pictures.

When in doubt, you can always get gorgeous castle pics from the hub grass! You can find the hub grass in two places: off to the left or right of the castle. This picture is shot on the right side towards Tomorrowland!

You can continue along the right side of the castle and snap some more pictures on the bridge to Tomorrowland! The best part of this spot is that you can get pictures without tons of people in them. In fact, you can get pictures with NO other people in them. There are Photopass Photographers over here, but not all the time like in front of the castle. We never had trouble getting one though!

Since you’re on your way to Tomorrowland, you might as well stop and ride Buzz LightYear and Space Mountain! I mean you’re there, so do it. I highly recommend getting a FastPass for one or both of these if you can.

If you head to the left of the castle towards Liberty Square, you can get another awesome shot on the bridge just in front of the Sleepy Hollow snack stand. It’s a little bit closer to the castle and again you can get people free shots! 
While you’re by Sleepy Hollow, you should get a Nutella and Fruit Waffle for breakfast or grab an ice cream cookie sandwich in the afternoon. You won’t regret either choice. Trust me, I’m pregnant. 

This spot is also a great place to take post race medal pics! Sometimes there is a PhotoPass photographer hanging out over there for you. See below from our second day at Magic Kingdom!

Once you get your pictures, walk over to Haunted Mansion! It’s one of my favorite rides. We had a FastPass for it on our last day there, but the ride had some technical issues. Sad day. Of course it was fixed shortly before we had to leave, but not enough time for us to actually ride it.
Then head back over to Sleepy Hollow and continue walking around the castle until you get to the backside. You’ll be pleased to find some special guests.

The evil stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella! They are some of the most hilarious characters to meet. They rotate in and out with the Fairy Godmother who is also just magical. Photopass photographers are always at character meet and greets. They capture the sweetest moments! Be sure to check the app or the Disney Times Guide to see when they’ll be out. They’re usually easier to catch earlier in the day. You can always ask the character guide what times they’ll be there.

Since you’re in Fantasyland, you have so many options for great pictures spots. Rachael snapped this cute one below while we were waiting in line for Enchanted Tales with Belle! This “ride” is more of an interactive adventure. It’s perfect for little ones, and you can meet Belle at the end.

After your enchanted adventure, keep walking along towards Gaston’s Tavern where you can meet Gaston!

He’s always good for a laugh and an insult. He definitely loved Alison’s Belle skirt, but thought she was a little crazy pretending to be Belle. I personally thought she was fabulous.

Since you’re in the area, you should definitely think about riding the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! This ride should be at the top of your FastPass list. The line is crazy long if you don’t have one.

When you’re done, don’t forget to stop by Rapunzel’s Tower! It’s over by the Rapunzel bathrooms where you can also take some fabulous pictures. It’s so magical and whimsical over there.

Then you can stop by and meet Rapunzel at the Princess meet and greet spot. The best part about this is that the line is inside in the air conditioning. Plus you get to meet two princesses at once! Right now it’s Rapunzel and Tiana or Cinderella and Elena of Avalor.

It’s always fun to meet the princesses! Their energy is contagious. Tiana is one of the most underrated princesses. First of all, she’s gorgeous. Second, she’s got such a fun personality and tons to talk about. Plus she likes to talk about food, and we all know just how much I like food!

Some other great spots in Fantasyland are meeting Ariel in her Grotto and snapping pictures by the Castle wall.

I bet you wouldn’t think of going to Storybook Circus for pictures since that’s where most of the younger kid rides and attractions live. However, you should definitely find some time to visit Pete’s Sideshow for a chance to meet Madame Daisy Fortuna, Minnie Magnifique, The Astounding Donaldo and The Great Goofini. You can meet Daisy and Minnie in one queue and the boys in the other. The wait usually isn’t too long and again, it’s inside and out of the heat!

One more photo stop you need to check out is Merida! She has her own spot called Fairytale Garden around to the right of Cinderella’s castle just where Tomorrowland and Fantasyland meet. Merida is super sassy and fun for a strong, powerful female to talk to!

There are lots of other places around the Kingdom to snap some gorgeous pics. I’ll admit, we didn’t spend too much time in Frontierland or Adventureland. I couldn’t ride Big Thunder Mountain or Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean was closed for refurbishment, so we just passed on those areas this time around.
Magic Kingdom really is the most magical place around. Looking back on all of these pictures has me wanting to be back right now even though I’m feeling bleh. Luckily, I have my next big trip planned, but it’ll be a bit different this time around. In just a few weeks the Gouglers are headed to Disneyland Paris!!! I’m so excited that I can hardly stand it! First we’ll be spending a week in Amsterdam. JP has three days of work meetings, so we decided to make this a family adventure. We’re heading there a little early to get some family exploring in before JP has to work. After his work is over, we’re taking a train to Paris to spend 4 days at Disneyland. It’s going to be great!
Now if anyone has any tips, suggestions or must dos in Amsterdam or Disneyland Paris send them my way!
What’s your favorite photo spot in Magic Kingdom? Mine is over by Sleepy Hollow!
Have y’all ever been to Amsterdam or Disneyland Paris? What do I need to know?

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