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18 Week Bumpdate

18 Week Bumpdate

It’s kind of hard to believe that I’m already 18 weeks pregnant. It seems to be flying by this time. I’m so busy chasing after a two and a half year old, traveling, working on house projects and more that this pregnancy is going by so fast.
This week I actually had a little scare that I alluded to in an Instagram post. I thought I’d go ahead and share the details since I had so many people reach out to me in concern. It may be a little TMI for some. Last Friday my allergies got so bad, they took a turn for the worse. By Sunday, I developed a nonstop overnight cough and the pressure in my head from my sinuses became so intense that it felt like someone was hitting me with a hammer repeatedly. It was literally the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life. 
Sunday night I spent coughing so hard that my abs were sore and I started feeling crampy in my lower abdomen. Not really a good sign for a pregnant woman in her second trimester. I eventually got up to use the restroom and when I wiped, the paper was tinged with light pink blood. Cue freak out. Since I was coughing, JP was sleeping in another room and I didn’t want to wake and worry him, so I climbed back into bed and tried to stay calm and not lose it. Needless to say, even though it was 3:00am, I didn’t sleep anymore the rest of the night.
I got up around 7:00 trying to decide if I should go to work or the doctor. I hate missing work, but I knew I had to make sure everything was okay. I had a feeling that it wasn’t anything since the spotting was gone by the time I got out of bed, but you can’t leave something like this to chance. I called my OBGYN and they had me come in right when they opened. They were even moving offices and taking limited patients that day, but they didn’t hesitate to tell me to come it. They were amazing! 
We did the ultrasounds and Baby Boy looked absolutely perfect. He was content and resting in his little home, and growing like a champ. His heart rate was perfect, my cervix was 3cm in length which is good and my placenta showed no abruptions. I got to talk to my doctor and she did a quick pelvic exam to rule everything out. It looks like the intensity of my cough just caused enough irritation of my cervix to cause minor spotting.
I also went to my primary care doctor to find out that I have a sinus and throat infection which is was caused the severe sinus pressure headache. I’m still feeling under the weather, but so much better! Now that the scare is out there, let’s get to the fun and happy stuff!
How Far Along? 
18 weeks!
Size of Baby: 
An artichoke or a sweet potato {Of course sweet potatoes are so many different sizes these days!}
About 5.5 inches from crown to rump and around 6.5 oz!
Weight Gain: 
Around 5-6 lbs depending on the day
Maternity Clothes:
Still rocking my maternity shorts! Everything else seems to fit still.
Stretch marks: 

Hunger. I’m so hungry!
Congestion. My allergies have been terrible and even turned into a sinus infection this past week.
Salty snacks, buffalo sauce on everything, tuna sandwiches, cereal with milk, apples with peanut butter or chocolate hummus.
Healthy Baby BOY!

Happy and excited
Our whole house is currently being painted from top to bottom. Literally everything: ceilings, walls, doors, trim, even cabinets. The nursery is staying the mint blue/green, but we’re having the doors and trim redone since the previous owners did it themselves. Other than that, no progress. The plan is to transition Chloe to a big girl bed after we get back from Europe, so that means I already have a crib!

I’m definitely feeling flutters. I feel a couple nearly every day but mostly at night when I’m relaxed on the couch.
I get up to potty at least once a night, but overall I’m sleeping hard.
This last week, I’ve had miserable sleep. The coughing wakes me up at night and I’ll cough so long and hard that I can’t go back to sleep and I’m in pain. Here’s to hoping this subsides soon.
Before getting sick, I was working out like normal. Here’s what last week looked like:

Monday: 45 minute spin class
45 minute HIIT Tabata class {I modified the jumping exercises}
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 1.5 mile walk
Thursday: 4 mile run
1 mile walk

Friday: 3 mile walk
Saturday: 3 mile walk
Sunday: Rest

I’ve rested pretty much since then recovering from this sinus and throat infection.

What I Miss: 
Sushi. We did go on a sushi date around 16 weeks to satisfy my cravings and ordered cooked sushi rolls, but it wasn’t quite the same. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, just not the same.

Belly Button in or out?
Starting to flatten out, but still in.
Wedding rings on or off? 
Labor Signs: 
None and hopefully not for several more months!

Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Raw meat. It still makes me gag. I can handle ground turkey, but that’s about it. I also have a hard time with the smell of eggs and bananas, but I can eat them.
Best Moments The Past Weeks: 
Getting to hear Baby Boy’s heartbeat at 15 weeks 5 days
Getting to see Baby Boy at 17 weeks 4 days even though it was a scary situation. I’m just happy that everything was okay!
Looking forward to:
Anatomy scan at 20 weeks
Babymoon adventure at 21 weeks
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