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Getting Back to the Swing of Things + A Low Intensity Workout
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Getting Back to the Swing of Things + A Low Intensity Workout

It feels so good to be getting back into the swing of things after over a month away. I made my comeback a little bit later than expected because this year didn’t exactly start the way that I anticipated. Honestly one thing led to another that led to another!

First, over Christmas Chloe had the flu. She was diagnosed the Friday before Christmas, and my poor baby was SO sick. She just wanted to love and snuggle her momma for a whole week, and of course she wouldn’t take the Tamiflu the doctor prescribed. We ended up just having to ride it out with lots of fluids, Tylenol and love. Once she started feeling better, I was down for the count. That’s right starting New Years Day, I got sick. Not exactly the way you expect the year to start. Thank goodness JP was able to work from home and take care of me and Chloe. Once I started feeling better, JP went to Singapore and The Philippines for two weeks! You read that right, my husband was in Asia, literally half a world away. We were able to FaceTime twice a day since we had a 14 hour time difference. While JP was gone, I was told by my doctor not to workout for 2 weeks to allow my body to recover. So I didn’t even have fitness to help me keep my sanity! I was able to go on easy walks, but that was it. The good news is that I survived!

I survived by…

  • spending as much time as possible at my parents’ house. Having extra hands and a grown up to talk to makes a world of difference!
  • baking and arts and crafts at home since it was too cold to be outside.
  • finding new movies for Chloe to enjoy!
  • potty training! A little crazy, I know. But it helped pass the time and we had something to work towards.
  • venturing out to see friends! Our friends were so helpful and supportive while JP was away!



I’m sure I’m missing a lot of my survival tactics, but whatever I did worked. I missed JP and had a little breakdown over the Houston icepocalypse, but we did it and he’s back!

Now back to the part earlier when I said I couldn’t workout for two weeks. Two weeks was hard y’all! At first it was no problem because I still didn’t feel well. Then it was so cold outside that I didn’t want to run or do much of anything. By the end, I was itching to do something physical. As soon as I was cleared, I had to get back at it. I knew better than to do to much, so I took it easy. And that is what I want to share with y’all today!

I have a different type of workout for y’all. I’m usually all about the high intensity get your heart rate up and get your workout done quick. But guess what? Not every workout can be done this way. Sometimes, your body needs a break, your trying to recover, or you just need to take it slower!

I’ll be posting a video on Instagram later today demonstrating these moves in case you have any questions! As always, you can always reach out to me via e-mail, Instagram or Facebook if you have questions or need modifications. I’d love to help!

Happy hump day y’all! I know today was a lot of words and few pictures. Like the title says, I’m getting back into the swing of things and soon I should be back to normal!

How do you handle fitness breaks (voluntary or mandatory)? Do you enjoy it or miss it?
What are some of your favorite low intensity moves?

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