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Miss Maggie Mae

Miss Maggie Mae

Y’all I’ve been so busy with trying to get my Scandinavian trip pictures up {it’s taking freaking forever!!!} that I forgot to pay tribute to my first born last week!

On November 16th-ish, Maggie Mae Gougler was born into this world on an Amish farm in New Philadelphia, Ohio. From Heaven to Earth Rescue found her and her siblings and brought them back to their rescue to be adopted! JP and I moved to Pittsburgh, PA in the middle of a snow storm in January 2011. My one stipulation upon moving there was that I was going to get a dog. I started looking the moment we got there. I searched through all of the sites and found a picture of Maggie. I screen shotted it, sent it to my sister and mom, and told them that she was going to be my dog. I was kind of joking as I hadn’t met her or even called the shelter yet! I ended up calling and expressed an interest in Maggie. They wanted me to meet several other dogs as well to see which one was the right fit for us. We met four puppies that night and I knew that Maggie was ours. She was drawn to us while the others walked away. There was something about her that I just loved. Her name at the shelter was Maggie which we thought was fitting because Maggie the Aggie since we’re both Texas A&M graduates! So Maggie stuck and she became ours.

Over the years, this girl has been through a lot. She moved across the country, adapted to a new climate and lifestyle, got a baby brother pup, got an actual baby and moved homes! She is one of a kind to say the least. Everyone that knows her knows that she is quirky and that she is definitely my dog. I am her person and I love her so much. Now let’s just take a quick walk down memory lane at the life of my first born!

8 Weeks Old January 2011
Playing in the snow February 2011

Puppy School Graduation March 2011

First Baseball Game June 2011
First Halloween October 2011

First Birthday November 2011

My Girl

2nd Halloween October 2012

2nd Birthday November 2012

Meeting her new little brother July 2013

3rd Birthday November 2013

Christmas Card Pictures November 2013

4th Halloween October 2014

4th Birthday November 2014

Checking on her baby just about a week after we came home from the hospital
August 2015
4th Birthday November 2015

Playing with her baby January 2016

6th Birthday November 2016
Face hugs with Momma Sometime 2017
7th Birthday November 2017

Maggie will always be our first born. Our crazy, spirited, bossy girl! Now that Chloe is here, my camera is filled with more pictures of Chloe than Maggie, but that doesn’t mean we love her any less!

Happy 7th birthday old girl! You’re officially a senior!

P.S. In case y’all were wondering, Maggie is doing much better after our scare a couple of weeks ago. Her face is healing nicely and her fur is growing back. She’s completely back to her normal crazy self! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read and see some pathetic pictures of Maggie here!

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