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A Stroll Down Nyhavn

A Stroll Down Nyhavn

Happy Friday y’all! I’m back with one more travel post this week! Looking back and editing all of these pictures has me wanting to be back on our adventure. Today we’re moving on to the third country and final city of our trip, Copenhagen!

We took a train from Stockholm to Copenhagen. It was about 5 hours long, but it didn’t feel like it was that long! We had plenty of space and things to keep Chloe entertained. Plus we napped and apparently JP took the opportunity to capture the moment. I’m kind of glad that he did because my baby won’t stay this little forever!

We got to Copenhagen, checked into our hotel, dropped our bags and set off to explore for the evening! First stop, Nyhavn!

We decided to walk through the city to get to the harbor. If you don’t know about Nyhavn, it’s the picturesque canal with all the colorful buildings from the 1700 and 1800’s! It’s known for it’s history of drunken sailors, whore houses and literary exploits. Now it’s known for it’s beautiful views and restaurants.

At the end of the canal is a large anchor honoring the Danish sailors who lost their lives during World War II.

We decided to find a restaurant serving more traditional Danish food. There are tons of restaurant options and it’s definitely more pricey than other restaurants around Copenhagen because of the location. We figured we had to have one meal there! The restaurant we chose was called Hyttefadet and I loved how they gave a history of the restaurant and Nyhavn on the menu!

I can’t remember what exactly we ordered, but it was fish two ways with shrimp, aioli and asparagus. After dinner we walked back down the canal and found an ice cream shop! I think ice cream on vacation is one of my favorite things, and ice cream in Copenhagen is amazing.

We decided to walk back to our hotel along the water instead of through the city and that was the best choice we could have made! Along the way, we found some little trampolines to play on! Chloe was super excited since she’s obsessed with jumping. But let’s be real, I was the most excited and had a blast bouncing and flipping!

And that my friends was our first day in Copenhagen. We were pretty exhausted from the travel and walking the city, so we called it an early night. We had big plans for our first full day in Copenhagen!

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