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Friday Five

Friday Five

“Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday! Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend!”
You’re welcome. I hope Rebecca Black is now stick in your head because that’s what came to mine the second I typed Friday this morning.

I’ve been sharing so much about our travels lately, but I don’t want to forget to share about life! That’s a huge part of this blog for me! Finding a balance in life, sharing our day to day, our travels, my health and fitness journey, life events and more. The day to day may seem mundane compared to traveling the world, but sometimes it’s the routine of a normal week that brings me such joy. Plus there’s really no such thing as “normal” in the Gougler house!

Now let’s get to it, top five moments from the last week!

one. Zoo Boo

Last Friday, Ali and I decided to take the girls to the zoo! I let my friend Chelsea know that we were going, so she met up with us along with her 3 kiddos too. One thing we forgot when we headed out to the zoo is that it was the first day of Zoo BOO!!! We completely forgot so our girls look like they’re dressed for summer not Halloween. On the plus side, we weren’t overheated and the kids weren’t miserable in costumes! It was 90 degrees and humid y’all. Typical Houston fall. On the plus side, we got to enjoy the Zoo Boo activities like trick or treating and decorating pumpkins in the pumpkin patch! We also got the best picture of Chloe and Renee yet! Usually it’s Ren going in for the hug or kiss, but finally Chloe is showing how much she loves her bestie.

two. It’s Race Weekend!

Saturday morning, Rachael and I met up at Memorial Park for an easy 5 mile run. We met up a little later to try and mimic the start time for our race this weekend. Unfortunately it was warm and humid last week and this week looks like it’ll be the same plus the possibility of rain. Plus if it doesn’t rain while we’re racing it is going to rain today and later tomorrow, so humidity will be super high. We’ll survive though. I’m going to throw it out there that our goal is to finish under and hour! The weather conditions aren’t proving to be on our side, but I think there is still hope. I’ll obviously post our race day victory tomorrow!

three. Saying See Ya Later

One of my dear friends is packing up and moving across the country this weekend! I’ve pretty much spent the last 4 years of my life seeing her ALL THE TIME! I met Caitlin through the gym I work at, so for several years I spent more time with her and Lauren then I did with my husband. I stood by her side as married her best friend. She came to the hospital the day after I gave birth to my baby girl. We’ve been there for each other day in and out. Listened to each other complain about dumb things our guys did. Gabbed about how amazing they are when they get things right. Talked about life plans, dreams and goals. We’ve been through so much together. Even though I dropped my hours at the gym, it didn’t make us drift apart. I know that even though she’ll be in North Carolina, we’ll always be friends. Plus I can’t wait to go visit and play at the beach! I love you Caitlin…drive safe!

four. BOO! Halloween Fun! 

Fun fact: Chloe hasn’t actually been trick or treating yet! She’s been to Zoo Boo the past two years and they have a few candy stations, but that doesn’t really count. We’ve also been to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, but it was a month before Halloween and it’s still not quite the same as trick or treating around a neighborhood. I think Chloe is excited! I know she loves her costume and she loves that Momma is going to dress up with her. Stay tuned to see what we’re going to be. Now that Chlo is 2, I feel like we can really start holiday traditions! This year we were Boo’ed for the first time and Chloe was so excited to see a bucket of treats on her porch just for her! Then we got boo’ed again with a Mickey Mouse bucket and she was in love with it. We had fun shopping for some fun boo goodies to pass on and continue the fun!

five. Beauty Rest

About a week ago, I received a package from Influenster and Beautyrest that I was pretty excited about. It’s a Beautyrest Sleep Tracker which essentially turns your normal bed into a smart bed. There are two sensors that go under the mattress below each person’s pillow and they connect on a smart box that is connected to your internet. Every night it measures your sleep cycles, heart rate, breath rate and time asleep to give you an overall sleep score. How neat is that? I’m loving waking up in the morning to see how I did the night before. I can tell when I get better vs worse scores right away. It’s also fun to compare with JP to see who did better! I always seem to be asleep for longer, but my REM and deep sleep is lacking so I wake quite easily. Now my sleep goals are to get more deep sleep and REM sleep so I don’t wake up as often. I would feel much more rested if I could manage that! You can see in the chart above that I’m not getting the full light to deep to REM sleep patterns I’m supposed to. Instead I’m only getting deep sleep at the beginning of the night and REM later on. Most of my charts look like this! I’m going to share some more updates on Instagram so stay tuned!

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