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Ouch all over!

Ouch all over!

Today I was going to share our adventures at Disneyland, but I’m having a little bit of trouble with my Photopass pictures! I don’t want to share without them because it has our princess and character pictures. Those are kind of a big deal to me, so Disney will have to wait. Instead I’m going complain. Yup, you read that right. I’m complaining today.

I hurt all over.

I actually can’t think of a body part that doesn’t hurt! Here’s why…
On Friday I took my first tumbling class in years. I hadn’t done a back handspring since before I got pregnant with Chloe. That was 3 years ago! The class was amazing and I can’t wait to go back again this Friday. Not only did I do a back handspring, but I can still do a standing back flip and a round off back handspring back. This is kind of a big deal for this almost 30 year old! I didn’t know I had it in me. In fact, I was scared to do anything at first. After my first spot, I was hooked and I knew I could do it. I went to class with my friend Macey who I actually started cheering with when I was 10 and in 6th grade. We cheered together and were best friends through high school. 
Me on the fast left and Macey is right next to me!
When we went to different colleges, we just completely drifted apart. It’s kind of sad actually! Luckily, Macey reached out to me while we were both pregnant with our girls and we’ve gotten closer ever since. It’s actually really cool and I’m so thankful for the friendship that we’ve rekindled. Starting this tumbling class together has been great and I seriously can’t wait to go back. It brings me so much joy! I’m hoping to get a few pictures or videos to show y’all soon!
Okay, so the tumbling wasn’t just it. Not only did I tumble on Friday, but Saturday I competed in my first Spartan race. I fully intend to recap the whole race later. Today I’m simply complaining about how my body hurts everywhere. 

The last obstacle course race I did was before I got pregnant with Chloe. Do you see a common thread here? Two incredibly physically taxing events back to back. Yeah, I hurt all over. I’m not as young as I once was, but I’m still young enough to do it and conquer it! Let’s just say this, the race was amazing and I feel super accomplished for finishing. I didn’t complete every obstacle, but I did all my burpees to make up for it!

Of course I’m not hooked again, and despite the fact that my body hurts more than it has possibly ever, I want to do more! The whole tumbling then racing back to back was probably not the smartest idea I’ve ever had, but I wouldn’t do it differently. I’m so excited to see what is next for both!

A big thanks to all of these guys for helping me through the obstacles, pushing me over walls, holding me up, catching me and even sharing some of my burpees! Y’all are rockstars and a great support!

Now today I get to go to work. I’m hoping my cycle class helps me to loosen up a bit! Happy Monday y’all!

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