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Breakfast with Minnie and Friends!

Breakfast with Minnie and Friends!

Our first morning at Disneyland we had a big surprise for Chloe, breakfast with Minnie and friends! Our reservation was at 8:50am and the park didn’t open until 9:00am, so we were able to get in for extra magic hours with the hotel guests! How cool is that? We slipped in at 8:15 and were able to snap some pictures and jump on a couple of rides before going to breakfast. I’ll catch y’all up on that when I recap our day at Disneyland. today we’re just going to look back at our time with Minnie and her friends!

When we first checked in, we were able to meet Minnie right away! Chloe was really excited, but also sort of scared and VERY hungry. Girlfriend just wanted to eat. Because she is a lot like her mom and gets the hangries pretty bad, her visit with Minnie wasn’t quite like we expected. {Spoiler Alert: We met Minnie again later in the day and it was amazing!}

Instead of lingering and trying to get this girl to smile, we decided to get her some Mickey waffles and other delicious carbs! Getting food in her little belly was the best decision. She was much happier, but still kind of scared of the characters. Can you blame her? They’re kind of a lot bigger than expected. Don’t worry, this momma wasn’t scared and I soaked up every minute with all of my Disney buddies.

After we started eating, the characters started coming to visit! First up, Eeyore! As you can see below, it didn’t go well. She was terrified of Eeyore and I think it hurt his feelings a little bit! JP was off getting us some coffee, so I didn’t get a picture with him, but I did manage to catch this gem of Chloe attempting to escape.

 We still got his autograph! I bought Chloe a special autograph book before we got to Disney for all of her signatures. I hope to keep it through the years and label which parks and what years she got the signatures! I hope to tape a few pictures in there too!

Speaking of signatures, here’s a look at Capitan Hook using me as a table to sign Chloe’s book!

Chloe was fearing for my life while I hung out with Hook. She was so concerned, but I can’t blame her because let’s be real, he’s kind of terrifying. I gave him a hug to show Chloe that he was okay and then we got our awesome Hook pic.

We had a little lul for a bit which gave us some time to eat and enjoy the day. I mean, look at this view! What a gorgeous morning it was!

A little bit later, Pooh came to see us! For the first time, Chloe wasn’t scared. In fact, she was interested in him. She kept saying, a bear, a bear! She has seen bears at the zoo, so maybe she knows that bears are supposed to be big? Either way, she liked Pooh a lot. She was petting him and gave him high fives! We even got a “cheese” out of her!

Next up was Pinocchio. Since he looks slightly more human, Chloe was okay with him. She was at least willing to snuggle mommy while saying hello!

Then she warmed up some more and gave him a high five! Fun fact: When I was little, I loved Pinocchio! I couldn’t say his name though, so I called him Pochanoia. At least that’s how I would spell it based on my pronunciation!

Rafiki came by next and Chloe was all about him. I think that’s kind of hilarious since he’s kind of terrifying! I guess after meeting several characters, they became less scary. She handed Rafiki her book all by herself! Then she even took a picture next to him. I guess Rafiki really does have a thing with little ones. He did show baby Simba off to the Pridelands after all!

Our last friend to stop by was Dale! No chip though, just Dale hanging out without his brother. Chloe knows of Chip and Dale from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and I’m pretty sure he was much bigger than she expected! She couldn’t stop staring at him though.

Overall, I’m so glad that we were able to do the character breakfast! It was a great start to our morning and it introduced Chloe to all the characters early on. Later when we met some of her favorites, she was excited instead of scared.

The food was pretty good! I’m a sucker for Mickey waffles and all sorts of carbs for breakfast. The character breakfast is a buffet with all sorts of foods: waffles, various fresh fruit, eggs, sausage, bacon, pastries and even an omelet station! We all got more than enough to eat and we were able to fill up Chloe’s snack cup with some Fruit Loops as a special treat for later.

I highly recommend spending a little extra for the character meals. Breakfast is definitely my favorite time, but I’ve done lunch meets as well which were just at special!

Next week I plan on sharing the rest of our trip and a recap of my race! I hope y’all have a magical weekend. Happy Friday y’all!

Have you done a character meal at Disney?
Who is your favorite Disney character to meet? Mine is totally Rapunzel!

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