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Lower Body Booty Burn

Lower Body Booty Burn

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a billion thoughts running through your head? Like what time is it? What is the weather like? Did I switch the wash to the dryer last night? How much coffee do we have left? Did the dogs destroy anything now that they’re being left out at night? Did another bomb or weapon of mass destruction get dropped on some country while I was sleeping? Is Chloe going to sleep in today? Should I go for a run? What time should I go to the grocery store? All of the most random thoughts often pop into my brain when I wake up. Not every day. Many days I wake up in slow motion, but some days I wake up with a tornado in my brain. Like this morning for instance.

The only problem with all these thoughts is that they happened at 6:00am after I HAD to go potty. I couldn’t fall back asleep without going potty, so I went, but that left me wide awake. With all of these crazy thoughts when I should have been going back to sleep. Then I finally got back to sleep and the alarm went off. Whomp whomp. Now granted it wasn’t my alarm; it was JP’s. I didn’t necessarily have to get up, but with my brain in hyperdrive, there wasn’t much sleeping to be done. I thought about getting up to go run, but my brain told me to drink coffee and finish this post instead.

Last week I had a little blogging block, so I just took a step back. I’m not sure that block is gone, but the wheels are turning. Definitely today. Luckily the wheels were turning yesterday too because I came up with this awesome lower body booty burn workout to share with y’all!

Lower Body Booty Burn

Lower Body Booty Burn workout! #lowerbodyworkout #bootyworkout #noweightsworkout #athomeworkout


Once you finish, rest for 1-2 minutes then REPEAT! Complete this workout for a total of 3-5 rounds!

Just in case you aren’t sure exactly how to do one or all of the exercises above, here are some videos to show you how to do them properly!

1. Squat Jumps
2. Lunges
3. Single Leg Donkey Kicks
4. Straight Leg Dead Lift
5. Step Ups
6. Superman Lifts
7. Burpees

Caitlin, the GM of the gym and one of my close friends, took that pretty sweet picture of me above while I was teaching my Monday Tabata class!

If you’re looking for another great workout that you can get done quick, check out my 15 Minute Bodyweight Circuit.

Anyway, now I’m hoping to wind my brain down for a bit. Maybe I’ll go for a run…which would actually not wind my brain down, it would rev it back up. Maybe I’ll sit here and watch another episode of Gilmore Girls and have another cup of coffee. It’s up for debate. Right now the coffee is kind of calling my name…

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