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He is Risen, Indeed!
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He is Risen, Indeed!

Hallelujah! As a Christian, Easter is always a wonderful, joyful weekend in my house. This year’s was by far the best. It was Chloe’s second Easter, but her first one where she got to hunt eggs, open her Easter basket and actually partake in the experience.

Our Easter extravaganza started on Good Friday bright and early. The local HEB was having an egg hunt at 9:00am! We needed to grab a couple of things from the store for our neighborhood Easter, so why not wake up a little early.

It was Chloe’s first egg hunt, so it was kind of special that it was just JP, Chlo and me. She was a little scared of all the kids running around, but got the hang of it after a little help from mom and dad. While we were grocery shopping, she opened one of the eggs and discovered the candy. Oh dear…not the candy. You’ll find out why this turned out to be a problem later on.

 After our morning egg hunt, Chloe’s friends Harper and Kate came over! I decided to have a little hunt for the girls, so I filled some eggs with puffs, yogurt melts and cheetos to hide around our yard. JP actually did the hiding, and I was impressed with his skills. The girls weren’t too sure about it. Kate caught on quickly, Chloe ran around and Harper hung out in the clubhouse. Eventually they all got some eggs and ate everything inside.

After their hunt, it was all about the splash pad and baby pool! It was a gorgeous day for swimming and the girls loved it!

The girls played until nap time was a necessity. After Chloe’s nap, the fun continued! (Yes, we’re still on Friday in case you’re wondering…) We went to our neighborhood’s 3rd annual Kegs and Eggs! It was obviously our first time to attend, but our neighbors are fun. Just saying. Lots of food, all the neighbors, a kegs, more food, tons of kids running around and of course, eggs!

Somehow we managed to get a majority of the kids together in one spot for a picture before the egg hunt began! Chloe’s group (0-3) was first! She picked up one egg and was done. Why you ask? She was too interested with what was inside the egg to find anymore. That’s right, the candy. She was ready for the candy. Don’t worry, the candy thing gets worse. She ended up getting 4 eggs at the neighborhood hunt and she was happy about that. Luckily one egg was chalk and one was stickers!

The best part about Friday is that Kate came to town!!! We hadn’t seen her in far too long and she hadn’t seen our house yet! It was perfect because she got to start off her trip by meeting all of our neighbors and going on an adult Easter egg hunt! That’s right, an adult hunt and it was amazing. Each couple that wanted to participate brought 6 eggs. I filled mine with mini Fireball bottles! Kate took over for JP and we had a blast. The little kids hid the eggs and the grown ups ran at them like children. It was awesome! I ended up with several small bottles of vodka, panties, an a tiny view finder camera with some very flexible women inside…enough said.

It was an awesome party, and it’s safe to say that we chose the right house on the best street in town! No joke.

Saturday morning we all slept in which was necessary. I made pancakes, we played outside and Chloe got to open her Easter basket from her Jojo and Pops!

Mimmie and Mickme! Needless to say, she was obsessed with it. A dinosaur coloring and sticker book? Score! Jojo knows what her granddaughter likes! Eventually we all got ready to head over to my parents’ house to stuff Easter eggs and go swimming! But first, a pit stop at Bourbon Street Daquiris!

We grabbed a few daquiris after all of our neighbors told us that we needed to go! They were delicious and dangerously potent! We stuffed eggs and went swimming, but by the end of the daquiri we were feeling fabulous. It’s probably a good think that I don’t have any pictures from the rest of the day. Let’s just say we had fun and Chloe saw what we were putting in the eggs furthering her candy obsession.

After all the celebrating, it was finally Easter Sunday. We went to 9:00am mass where my brother in law was playing the French horn with the full choir and band! (He’s very musically talented! Look him up on iTunes Matt Lewis.) When we got home from mass, the picture taking began.

Tons of family members means tons of pictures! These are just a few of the lot.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out, hunting Easter eggs and eating way too much food! The egg hunting pictures are all on my dad’s phone, but Chloe had a blast again. She was upset that her eggs had puffs and cheetos instead of candy. She did manage to find candy throughout the day and eat too much of it! By the end of the nights, she was exhausted and screaming CANDYYYYYY! Yeah, it’s bad. Needless to say, we’re hiding/getting rid of most of the candy in this house. Baby girl needs to come down off of her high. No candy fixes for this girl!

I hope that everyone had an amazing Easter and that you were able to spend it with loved ones! Now it’s another Monday and I’m off to the gym to teach my classes. Much needed after all the food I ate this weekend…oh and the daquiri!

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