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Wine Down Wednesday Pairings

Wine Down Wednesday Pairings

Hello Wednesday! I’m pretty excited about today because after I work, I have a full week off! Remember, I only work two days a week. So when we have a Monday holiday, I end up getting a full week to myself. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Even though I only work two days, those days are jam packed and pretty exhausting. I’m up at 4:30am and at work by 5:30am. I’ve trained several clients, taught two classes and gone home to a crazy toddler who’s running around destroying the house these days. Seriously, I spend the afternoons following her around, making sure she doesn’t hurt herself and picking up after her. I wouldn’t change it for a thing! But after she goes to bed, I’m ready to wind down and relax on the couch.

You know the best way to wind down a crazy day? Wine. I love me some wine. When we went to San Francisco in May, we spent a day in Sonoma County doing wine tastings! While there, I officially became a wine club member at a winery called Iron Horse. If you’re going to the area, look it up. It’s gorgeous, the views are amazing and the wine is even better. I’m kind of obsessed with sparkling wines and that is what they specialize in. Lately I’ve been indulging in a glass of my latest shipment which is essentially a sparkling chardonnay with some Original SkinnyPop Popcorn!

At just under 40 calories a cup, it’s the perfect snack to pair with wine while sitting on the couch watching Bachelor in Paradise. Don’t judge me. We all have our guilty pleasures!
I’ve also snacked and sipped while cooking dinner! It’s a nice little appetizer. As long as JP is home to entertain the munchkin, I can cook dinner and drink my wine in peace. On Monday, I was able to do just that! It’s like my own little piece of Heaven while living amongst my crazy, perfect, chaotic life.
There are actually six different SkinnyPop flavors to choose from all under 50 calories per cup. To make it even better, SkinnyPop came up with a wine pairing graphic! I’ve included it below so you can decide which flavor you want to try with your favorite wine to wine down this Wednesday! I’m dying to try the dusted dark chocolate with a bottle of red I have waiting for me at home.

I’m excited to start my extra long weekend after I get off today! I’m hoping it involves a chance for me to wine down!

What would your favorite pairing be?

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