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Marathon to Mom: How I plan to get back at it.

Marathon to Mom: How I plan to get back at it.

Guess what? Marathon training season is once again among us. Earlier this year, I wrote about the transition from marathon runner to mom. I’m still a runner, but the dynamics of my running have changed a lot! Since I’ve officially started training again, I thought I’d share my training plan and how I plan to get back into the swing of things!

First things first. When you’re heading out for a run with baby, you need to make sure that no only are you ready, but that baby is fully prepared! Our staples for a good run include snacks, water bottle, toys and of course her fan in this Texas heat. I also stash a diaper, some wipes, extra snacks, a bib and a burp cloth just in case. Sometimes we stop by Whole Foods on our way home and get something to eat or pick up a few groceries. The burp cloth also acts as an awesome sweat towel if it isn’t needed for cleaning anything else up!

Since I have the jogging stroller, I can always bring a big water bottle for me which is so nice! I also stash my phone and keys in the mommy pockets, so no need for a belt or handheld bottle. Of course, I’m pushing a 20 lb toddler in a stroller. You win some, you lose some. It definitely takes us longer to get out the door these days, but once we’re out, it’s on!

 Here was my getting back into things plan:

  • Start small: 2-3 miles once or twice a week
  • Run walk intervals: I didn’t just back into running right away. I would walk some then run until I was out of breath or too hot. It is summer in Texas after all. Heat and humidity will get ya.
  • Build up slowly: After a while, instead of going on feel, I would go on distance. Run 1/2 mile, walk 1/4 mile and continue with that until I finished. In the same sense I would increase my distance slowly too. I’d do a shorter (2-3) and a longer (4-5) mile run each week. 
  • Don’t try to be what you once were: I often needed to remind myself that I wasn’t trying to be super fast or go super far. It was just about getting back into it and enjoying running again!

It wasn’t anything crazy, but it was a start!

Once I started to get the hang of it again, I implemented my “early training” plan:

  • Try new routes: This would up my distance by exploring new trails, seeing different things and just exploring!
  • Increase to 3 days per week: At first, one day would be a long walk and then my two runs. Then I would do two days of run/walk intervals and one day a full on run. I’ve gradually increased to where most of my runs are all or majority running. Some days it’s just too hot or humid though!
  • Listen to your body: This goes back to the heath and humidity. When running, I have to be careful and listen to my body! If running isn’t in the cards, a long walk is always a great alternative!

Now I’m about to 3 runs per week! At least two with this little bug and one at the gym. I’m training one of my clients to run the full in Houston in January, so I run with her on Wednesdays. It forces me to do some speed work or get a solid tempo run into the mix. Soon I’ll up my running to four days a week, but I’m not in too big of a rush to do that yet!

Here’s my plan for this week:
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Cycle + Tabata
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 2 miles speed work
Thursday: Walk
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday: Rest

Nothing too crazy, but I’m officially starting my training plan!

I was originally going to aim for an October half marathon, but plans kind of changed when I realized the date wouldn’t work for me! Now I have my sights set on the Cypress Half Marathon in November. It’ll be a great race in an area that I’m not used to running. I’m really looking forward to getting back into racing again. I’ve got about 11 weeks until the race, so let the training begin!

After the Cypress half, I’ll be in full swing for Glass Slipper Challenge Training! That’s right, I’m running Disney Princess again! Last time I tried to do Glass Slipper, I sprained my ankle while pregnant and couldn’t do it. I’m looking forward to the three day 5K, 10K, half marathon challenge.

So here’s to running again and a little Monday morning motivation! I’m hoping to encourage some others to get back into running or get into it for the first time. Plus, sharing with y’all holds me accountable! Now I’m turning this over to y’all. Any running topics you want me to talk about? Any questions y’all have about running or fitness? Please let me know! Comment or shoot me an e-mail!

Happy Monday y’all!

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