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4th of July: Dripping in Sugar
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4th of July: Dripping in Sugar

Wow, what a weekend! Long, holiday weekends are usually the best kind of weekends out there, and this one was no different for us. Not only did we celebrate the 4th with friends and family, but we also got to celebrate a wedding in Dripping Springs with some dear family friends we’ve known for 20 years!

We woke up Sunday morning and met up with my parents at their house before driving into Austin for Kayla and Evan’s wedding in Dripping Springs!

Their wedding was at Camp Lucy which was such a gorgeous location! The weather cooperated nicely. The sun was shining, but there was a nice breeze in the air. It was still warm, but the breeze, cold waters and shade from the trees made it quite pleasant actually!
After the ceremony, we headed over to cocktail hour where they had lawn games set out! We never pass up a chance for fun and a little friendly competition, so we were the first people out there. We decided to play the giant Jenga and it was a blast!
I may have knocked it over 2 out of the 3 times we played, but it wasn’t entirely my fault. The wind definitely knocked it over once and the other time, JP set me up for failure. See not my fault. 
The gorgeous scenery also called for a Chloe photo shoot! We seriously can’t take enough pictures of this girl.

After drinks and games, we headed inside for dinner and dancing! Everything was decorated so beautifully. They did such an amazing job with the vibrant color scheme.

Now I have to brag about dinner for a minute. Oh my goodness. Best wedding food I’ve ever had. I’m still thinking about the delicious maple almond glaze on the salmon! I’m going to attempt to recreate it soon. There was also macaroni and cheese, veggies and a herb marinated chicken! But to me, the salmon stole the show with the mac and cheese coming in a close second. Now I’m hungry.

As always with weddings, after dinner there was dancing! Just like usual, I tore up the dance floor. It’s my favorite part of weddings! Chloe and I started off strong dancing away early on while lured some on lookers to the floor too! And as soon as they played the first country song, my handsome man joined me out there for some twirling and 2 stepping!

We had such a blast and it was great to see Kristin and Kayla! I even managed to steal the bride for a quick picture.

Chloe did great at the wedding! We were able to stay until 11:00pm which was impressive since the send off was at 11:30, so we only missed 30 minutes! She was such a good girl and even fell asleep. We remembered to bring her stroller along, so she had a nice little “bed” to snuggle up in!
The next morning was the 4th of July, so we got dolled up in our American best and headed back to Sugar Land!

We left around 9:00am, pit stopped for breakfast at Bucee’s and were back in Sugar Land by noon for a day of relaxing by the pool. But first, a 4th of July photo shoot!

It was too hard to choose just one or two to share, so y’all get all of these!

Meena came over to lay out and go swimming with me! Emily had to work and couldn’t join us until later in the day, so we had to sip on some sangria and enjoy the sun without her.

But she got there in time for dinner and fireworks!

 Chloe LOVED the sparklers. She wanted to hold them so bad. Seeing as though she probably would have grabbed the flame, I left the sparkler-ing to mommy and daddy!

It was an amazing 4th of July weekend and I’m sad that we’re back at life as usual. We like having daddy home with us for long weekends!

Now I’m off to the gym! I’m subbing a step and spin class today. Gotta burn off all the wedding and 4th of July food!

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