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Chloe Grace: 11 Months Old
Chloe Grace

Chloe Grace: 11 Months Old

Getting an 11 month old to sit still for pictures is quite the feat! Each month has gotten more challenging, but with this busy, wiggly little girl, I was lucky to get a few! It’s hard to believe that this is the last month that I’ll have a BABY! She’s grown so fast right before my eyes. 

I thought she was on the go last month, but this month she’s lightening speed! {And I’m sure next month I’ll think she’s even faster!} She’s finally taken to crawling and can motor around wherever she wants! At first I didn’t think she’d crawl much because she cried the entire time she did it. Turns out crawling isn’t so bad after all. She does prefer to walk through. Crawling gets her from one object to another. She usually pulls up and uses toys, furniture, baby gates, wall, whatever she can get her hands on and then walks around that way. I’ve learned that you can get quite a few places in our house without actually letting go of something. Who knew? I pretty much feel like these days I spend the majority of my time following her around and making sure that she doesn’t hurt herself.

This last month her personality has come through even more! I have a very expressive baby girl! The faces she makes are hilarious even when she’s not trying to be funny. This month she found her “scrunchy nose face” which we have deemed her “stank” face, and she does it to everyone. It was even more hysterical when she did it all day and night at my sister’s wedding. This little girl has so much spunk and knows how to get exactly what she wants. She stubborn like her daddy and determined like her momma that’s for sure.

These days Chloe is mostly wearing 9-12 month clothes. She still fits in some of her 6 month onesies and shorts. I think she has a shorter torso and long, long legs like her momma! She’s quickly growing out of her 9 month footie sleepers and moving on to some big girl jammies! She still has 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on bottom. She’s been drooling and gnawing on everything again lately, so I think that some more are starting to work their way in. This last month Chloe learned how to wave and she likes to wave at everyone now! She also learned how to feed herself with a spoon! Such a proud momma moment for me. She’s learning something new every single day. I try to work with her for 30 minutes to an hour each day on colors, numbers, letters, animals and other important things. I love watching her little mind work and figure things out. She’s absorbing so much so fast.
This months firsts:
  • First trip to the beach
  • First time to attend a graduation
  • First time to meet her Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Ole!
  • First swim lesson
  • First wedding rehearsal 
  • First time to be a flower girl!
  • First time to wave intentionally
  • First Father’s Day
  • First time to feed herself with a spoon

 My Darling Chloe Grace,

Somehow we are entering your last month of babyhood and I’m not sure how I feel about this! I love watching you grow and learn, but I’m sad my tiny baby is growing into a big, strong, independent little girl.

This past month was a doozy! You were out of your element and routine for nearly the entire month. You were sleeping in your pack n play in the hallway while your Aunt Charlotte was here. We ran around everywhere all month prepping for the wedding, and you spent a lot of time at Nonna and Grandpa’s house while Momma helped Aunt Em. It was rough, but you took it like a little champ. Your sleep was off for a bit, but you’re back in your rhythm again now.

We started swim lessons this month and you’re doing great! Your love for the water definitely shows. The only thing you don’t like is when momma gives you to the swim instructor! You’re getting a little bit clingy these days and have some stranger danger, but that’s okay. You’ll get used to her soon. You’re favorite part of swim lessons is when we sing songs and do moves with the words. We’re still working on blowing bubbles in the water, but I know you’ll get the hang of it soon. Practice makes perfect!

You debuted in your first wedding this month! You were a flower girl in Auntie Em’s wedding and a darn cute one I might add! Your daddy helped you walk about halfway down the aisle before he scooped you up and carried you the rest of the way. As always, you were the star of the show…until Auntie Em walked out from the doors! You did so great at the reception and got to hang out with so many different people while mommy danced the night away. Thank you for being such a flexible baby. Life is so much easier because you can go with the flow!

I’m so proud of the little girl you are tuning into. You seem to be leaning something new every single day. I’m looking forward to your last month as a baby, but remember, no matter what, you’ll ALWAYS be my baby.

I love you forever,

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