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Four Fun Facts!
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Four Fun Facts!

You know, some days I wake up and wonder how I’ve managed to blog for 5+ years. More importantly, how I’ve managed to pique people’s interest and keep them coming back for that long! {Y’all are seriously the best.} As bloggers, we kind of just put ourselves out there for people to love, hate, judge, whatever. I originally thought that only family and friends would read this. But it’s become so much more for me. It’s neat to realize that people are interested in you, your life, what you have to say. No matter what fashion. If it’s negative, then they’re wasting their time. {Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.} If it’s positive, that’s flattering! {I’m still just shaking it off over here.}

I realize, I’m the same way. I’m so interested and fascinated in the lives of my readers and the people whose blogs I read. Over the years friendships have formed. I’ve met several blog friends in person! It’s really neat when you sit down and think about it. I’m lucky to have found a place to pursue my passion of writing without having to conform to anyone’s standards. I can share my love of fitness, pictures of my baby girl, recipes when I pretend I can cook, whatever I want really. I love this space, and I love y’all for coming back day after day to read my ramblings.

Now I want to take a step back and just do something fun! I saw my Aunt Ginny post this thing on Facebook the other day and I thought it was a great way to share some fun info about me and maybe get some back from y’all! I want to know more about you to you know 🙂 I’ve added some extra categories and some fun facts at the end of each!

Four places I’ve lived:

1. Ft. Stewart, GA
2. Centreville, VA
3. Pittsburgh, PA
4. Houston, TX

**Fun Fact: I’ve lived in 9 different cities and in 16 different apartments/homes including college and temporary living when our house sold so fast in Plano!
In our backyard at our home in Centreville, VA. Centreville is near Manasas,VA and is just south of Washington D.C. I lived there from age 2-8.

Four things I love to watch:

1. Anything on HGTV
2. Dance Moms
3. Pretty much everything on TLC
4. Game of Thrones!

**Fun Fact: I’m bad at watching TV. I like to watch shows that I can multitask while watching which means I can’t pay too much attention. I have binge watched one show and that was Game of Thrones because my husband wanted to catch up. To me, binge watching is watching 2 episodes in a row. More than that and I’ll go insane.

Four places I have visited:

1. Barcelona, Spain
2. Bogota, Columbia
3. Niagara Falls, Canada
4. Lillehammer, Norway

**Fun Fact: You probably already figured this out, but traveling is my favorite thing to do. I love exploring and adventure. JP and I have traveled somewhere new to celebrate each anniversary instead of giving each other gifts!
La Segrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain! We went to Barcelona on our honeymoon and again for our 3 year anniversary as a stop on a Mediterranean cruise!

Four things I love to eat:

1. Peanut butter on pretty much anything
2. Ice cream
3. Chicken…is that weird? I really love chicken
4. Broccoli, my favorite carb

**Fun Fact: These really are my favorite foods. I’m kind of weird. If there was a number 5, I would put cookies. Yes, any kind. I try not to discriminate against cookies.

Four favorite drinks:

1. Water…and a lot of it
2. Wine…also a lot of it. Color and type vary by day.
3. Coffee…my happy drink. Cold brew is my favorite.
4. Grape G2…when I need some electrolytes
**Fun Fact: I don’t drink soda. Every once and a while I’ll have a Sprite or a Ginger Ale for my tummy, or Fresca with white wine for a spritzer. I stopped drinking them a couple of years ago.

Coffee helps me get through my 4:30am alarms! Another fun fact…I have a weird obsession with water bottles, cups and mugs. They make me happy.

Four names I go by:

1. Amy
2. Ames
3. Amy Cat
4. Cat
**Fun Fact: My middle name is Catherine and I love it so much. When I was little and played house or school, I always pretended my name was Catherine. That’s where Amy Cat and Cat come from.

Four favorite strength exercises:

1. Lunges!
2. Squats
3. Cobra push ups
4. Dead bugs
**Fun Fact: I really do love lunges. Every few months, I make my class lunge the track. It’s 0.2 miles long. We lunge one leg, do some upper body exercises in the corners, jog a lap and repeat until we’re back at the beginning. They love/hate me for making them do it.

Four favorite cardio exercises:

1. Running! Duh.
2. Cycling…usually in a class setting, but since SF I really want a bike!
3. Burpees…I have a love/hate relationship with them.
4. Long walks with Chloe and the pups
**Fun Fact: One of my favorite things to do in the morning is go on long walks with Chloe down on the Buffalo Bayou trails. Sometimes I’ll through in some run intervals depending on the weather. Then we circle around to Whole Foods for coffee and sometimes a breakfast treat. It makes me happy just thinking about it 🙂

Four places I shop:

1. Target
2. J. Crew
3. Lululemon
4. Kohl’s
**Fun Fact: I live in workout clothes. The whole personal trainer, get paid to workout thing helps a lot, but I probably wear spandex more than I care to admit. I also love a good deal. Shopping sales makes me a very happy girl. I splurge on my workout gear since I wear it so much!

Four favorite animals:

1. Dogs
2. Giraffes
3. Elephants
4. Otters
**Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with animals. I’ve had a membership to the Houston Zoo for 4 years now. I love going out there and just walking around on a nice day. I took Chloe for the first time when she was just 2 months old!

Now I want to hear from you! Give me some of your answers to these questions!
Any random info that I missed that y’all want to know?

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