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5 Fun Things to Do in Houston

5 Fun Things to Do in Houston

I’ve lived in Houston or the surrounding area for 18 years. We moved to Sugar Land when I was 10 years old in the middle of 5th grade. I didn’t live in the city until after I graduated from college. Since then I’ve fallen in love with where I live. People don’t think of Houston as a place with so many things to do, but really there is so much! I’ll probably do a post with more than just 5 fun things to do in the near future. These are just 5 fun things that I’ve done recently. As in, within the past 14 days recently. As we’re approaching the weekend, if you’re in Houston and wondering what do to, take a look and see if anything here interests you!

O N E. Houston Escape Room
Ever wanted to get locked in a room with just one hour to crack combinations, solve clues, wrack your brain and have fun while doing it? Houston Escape Room is the place for you! This is a fun place to go with friends or even colleagues as a team building event. (They host team building events for up to 30 people!) In case you didn’t gather it from the picture above, we escaped! We apparently skipped a few steps which REALLY helped us to actually finish and with 12 minutes to spare. Houston Escape Room has 3 different rooms to escape, so if you have tons of fun doing one, you can still go back for more!

T W O. Buffalo Bayou Trails
One of my favorite things to do is walk or run along the Buffalo Bayou Trails. On a sunny day, it’s the perfect outing and it’s free! Over the past few years, the city of Houston has done a lot of work updating and adding onto the Buffalo Bayou Park. There are various trails that you can take and you can start from several different locations to make it a different adventure each time. Along the trails you can find Spotts Park, Johnny Steele Dog Park, the Waugh Bat Bridge, Lee & Joe Jamail Skate Park and so much more! There are pedestrian trails and biking trails. If you don’t own a bike, you can rent one for the day at various places along the bayou. There is a lot more to do that I haven’t even explored yet. Definitely something you should check out when the sun is shining.

T H R E E. Food Trucks
Houston is known for good food. There are tons of fancy restaurants with items on the menu that I have never heard of before. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up for a nice dinner every now and then. But I’m more of a yoga pants and t-shirt kind of girl especially as a personal trainer and new mom! Houston is also known for their food trucks. There are several different ways that you can find them. Downtown is Houston Food Park. Their Facebook page tells you which trucks will be out each day! Roaming Hunger is a great place to go to find just the type of food truck you’re looking for. You can find it based on time of day, type of food, and more. I’m DYING to try the Monster PB&J truck. It’s at the top of my list!

F O U R. Houston Zoo
If you like animals, the Houston Zoo is for you! It’s located near the Medical Center at Hermann Park. Obviously there are tons of animals out at the zoo, but did you know there is a Children’s petting zoo and splash pad? There is so much to do to entertain you and your kids. You can also pack up a cooler for a picnic lunch to save money…and your sanity! Something else to think about is getting a zoo membership. I’ve had one for years (even before I had Chloe!) and it only takes 3 visits per year to pay it off. Each visit is different and it never gets old.

F I V E. City Centre
City Centre is a bit further out of the city, but worth the drive. It’s a great midpoint location for us to meet up with our friends that live in suburbs down 59, I-10 or 290! There are tons of different restaurants and shops to occupy several hours of time. On nice days we love to sit out on the patio of any restaurant and then play on the green space in the middle of City Centre! It’s a great place to take the kiddos or if you’re looking for a kid free evening for happy hour, dinner or dessert. Take a look at the various restaurants and shops to see if any strike your fancy. There are also different events throughout the month from kids playtime on the 3rd Friday to live music on the weekends to various events that come and go.

There you have it! Five different fun and mostly free things to do in Houston! There are so many different things to do in and around our city. I need to come up with a more comprehensive list to help out those who have just moved or are visiting!

What is your favorite thing to do in Houston? Did I miss something?
If you aren’t from Houston, what is your favorite thing to do in your city?

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