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Chloe Grace: Baptism Day
Chloe Grace

Chloe Grace: Baptism Day

On March 13, 2016, Chloe Grace Gougler was baptized at St. Laurence Catholic Church in Sugar Land, TX by Father Jaison Thomas.
We got ready for church down in Sugar Land at my parents’ house and prepped for the “after party” celebration! Then we attended 12:45 mass followed directly by Chloe’s baptism.
At church, Chloe was a pretty good girl. She was definitely restless and starting to get tired and fussy towards the end. Once mass was over, I snuck into the cry room to feed her for a quick 10 minutes to make her happy until the end of the baptism. 
JP and I asked my sister Emily and her fiancee Matt to be Chloe’s godparents shortly after we brought Chloe home from the hospital. I couldn’t imagine a more Godly couple to guide our little girl and help to teach her of Jesus’ undying love for her!
At the beginning of her baptism, Chloe had the worst gas. It was kind of hilarious and I had to document it for my memory’s sake! The family in front of us could hear her little toots and we were all trying so hard not to bust out laughing! 
At the beginning of the baptism, we were all in the pews while the priest came by and blessed each child while the parents’ offered them up for the sacrament of baptism. When the priest did the oil cross on Chloe’s chest, she reared back and screamed out loud. It was hilarious and now we joke that she was just releasing the demons!

Next was the actual baptism. Matt, Emily, JP, Chloe and I walked over to the baptismal pool with the other parents, godparents and babies. This is where Chloe was officially baptized! I love the picture above that captured JP pulling Chloe in for a kiss after the priest was done. Chloe had actually fallen asleep after the “exorcism,” so she was startled and cried once the water was poured over her. Luckily she had her daddy there to protect her.

The ceremony was finished with the lighting of the baptism candle and praying over the babies and parents! Chloe slept through the rest of the ceremony while laying on her daddy’s chest. It was the sweetest thing. Of course, that meant she slept through pictures too! But we didn’t let that stop us from taking way too many pictures. Cue photo shoot…and these are just a few!

Godparents and Parents

Gougler Family

Parents and Aunts
Timmer Family

Timmer Family +

Parents and Grandparents 
Fun story about this church: This is the church that my family started attending when we moved to Sugar Land in 1998. My youngest brother Matt was baptized her. Emily, Ben and Matt had their first communions here. Emily and I were confirmed here. And last but certainly not least, JP and I were married here!
After pictures we headed home for the after party! Even though they weren’t in the pictures, all of JP’s aunts and uncles were there! It was so wonderful to have Jody’s brother, sisters and their families attend Chloe’s baptism and spend the day with us. We also had several friends that love this baby so much come over to the house afterwards!
But first, another Chloe photoshoot. I had trouble picking just one or two, so you get a few!

Chloe’s baptism dress was actually my dress when I was baptized as a baby! My mom’s mom had passed away while she was in college, so a close friend’s mother actually made this dress for me. We still stay in contact with Christmas cards and what not, so I’m looking forward to sending her a picture of Chloe in this dress. I need to find one of me and one of Chloe in similar positions to do a side by side. (Mom, you’re probably reading this. Can we make this happen?!) The dress is still absolutely gorgeous and in great condition even after 28 years!

The celebration wouldn’t be complete without a special cake! Chloe’s first cake was made by Three Brothers Bakery here in Houston. It turned out even better than the pictures. It was half vanilla, half chocolate with cookies and cream filling. It was delicious and a big hit! Chloe wanted some too…

She may have gotten a bite or two! 
We are blessed to have so many people come over from all over the city to celebrate our baby girl. Those of you that aren’t from Houston, just know that it could take over an hour to get from one suburb to another depending on where you are exactly. It can be a pain in the butt, but everyone came out for this baby girl! Chloe’s Aunt Kate even came in all the way from Dallas just for this. Our little girl is loved beyond measure. We are so blessed to constantly be surrounding by people that love and support us this much.

 Chloe Grace is now baptized and dedicated to our Lord and Savior. I’m proud to be her mommy and can’t wait to share God’s love with her. She was gifted with a few different bibles that will be useful at different points in her life. We’ve already started reading her Bible stories from her 365 day Bible each night!
Happy Baptism Baby Girl!

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